Can you imagine the future that is coming and is now manifesting itself day by day, month by month, year after year?

Will it be a happy world?

It will be a world in which populations will live in the so-called "Smart cities" where all human life will be regulated by an "intelligent matrix" of censors, microchips, cameras, televisions and nanotechnology that not only show you approved information but also watch you in the style of the futurist book of George Orwell, "1984.”

We are going to transport ourselves through the city to our work zone by means of public transport handled by computer and if we have car we will not be able to handle it, it will be managed and driven by computer, a computer that is programmed only to take you to where the authorities allow but never where you want by free will for free will no longer exist in these eco-fascist super-cities.

Meanwhile more than 50% of the land will be out of reach of the normal people, being "wild areas" monitored too, of course, so no one enters.

Apart from that, we are going to have large areas of genetically modified monocultures to industrially grow the "food" (if we will be able to call it call it food.)

Each person will have to be registered with the great quantum computer (these new quantum computers already exist and are being used by NASA, Google and other organizations).

The new generation of quantum computers are being developed to have the capacity to record, calculate and archive quantities of data large enough to be the automatic controllers of society, to regulate all our activities and make decisions based on their surveillance of the activities of each person, each neighbourhood and each city so that there is a balance in use and production of energy, goods, knowledge, etc.

Another part of all this is the calculation and evaluation of all natural resources; water, air, plants, insects, animals, fish, seeds, trees, minerals, genes, biological and cultural diversity and everything that moves, subsists, breathes, organic matter, soils, rocks, bacteria ... in short, EVERYTHING.

t has even been proposed to quantify and value such things as a beautiful view, a waterfall, the pollen of a bee, the rain, sunlight or whatever so that everything has a price and a code and so that if a person wants or desires to enjoy of a sunset (for example) they will have to accumulate the necessary "credits" that would be measured with a constantly updated profile of our actions, energy consumption, especially, and even our thoughts or ideas.

Sounds like true science fiction doesn’t it?  But it is not, this is all part of the background to the UN AGENDA 21 and the global plan for the future management of the world .

Many of these ideas are already being experimented with in some parts of the world.

In China, Japan and South Korea, for example, they are already building the first smart cities where they will house citizens of those nations in new social experiments with financing from a set of multi-national companies such as General Motors, IBM, Samsung , Mitsui Fudosan (Japanese corporation) and with the guidance, among others, of the Trilateral Commission formed by Rockefeller, Kissinger and Brzezinski.

The investment company "Cerebrus Capital Management" whose chief is former vice president of the United States, Dan Quayle (during the administration of George Bush Snr is also an important part of the picture having invested in General Motors to develop new cars that will be controlled by computers. The name Cerebrus comes from Greek mythology and is a three-headed beast guardian of the entrance to hell.

Now they are experimenting with the construction of a city in China called Tianjin. This city is one of the model cities in which the UN has special interest because it follows all the recommendations of Agenda 21 with the installation everywhere of "smart meters" that are capable of collecting multiple forms of data on the movements of people, the use of energy, the production of goods and services etc. All this works through a wireless network, a kind of WI-FI that covers the entire city.

(NOTE ; The next generation of smart phones and the enhanced network known as 5G will form the basis for this system.)

In Tianjin, several American organizations are observing the process and the results. Especially important in this monitoring is the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). In these projects, intelligence agencies of different nations are also working together in combination with Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Google to refine the technological aspect in terms of an artificial intelligence that monitors and quantifies the lives of people.

Within this UN world plan the world is going to be regionalized.

Poor countries, on the one hand, are going to be depopulated so that they are ecological reserves that provide "environmental services" to neutralize the pollution of the so-called first world.

On the other hand, they will be the places in charge of managing the large plantations of genetically modified monocultures for the supply of bio-fuels and junk food for the working masses who, in addition, will be monitored and analysed to quantify their level of "happiness. "

People who do not show themselves to be sufficiently happy will have their states of consciousness and emotions modified pharmaceutically, that is, by means of artificial drugs capable of creating states of artificial "happiness". Even happiness, then, will be under surveillance…

Smile!!!! We are heading towards a united world, regulated by the computer that re-places God.

There is talk of "human capital,” which implies the constant analysis of each person, their mental, physical, emotional state, etc. and "social capital" which implies the measurement of the person in terms of being well adjusted socially ... How many friends do you have? How do you integrate into the managed society?  If you are not well adjusted and show signs of inconformity and errant behaviour you may be labeled as anti-social, not worthy of the favours of the world system and therefore, a candidate for "recycling."  Interesting, right?

The most favoured in this system will be those who do not make babies to increase the population. According to that then, the LBGTI population or those who voluntarily make themselves sterilised will be better off (if the GM food does not make us sterile first.)


All that is Agenda 21 and the already expanded and renewed version with the name "Sustainable Development for 2030" is based on the distorted myth of climate change.

It is not that there are no climatic changes, pollution, soil degradation, etc. etc. but it is the emphasis on the issue of carbon dioxide and its effect on the atmosphere that is off the mark.

In fact, according to many scientists not sold out to the New Order, carbon dioxide is the least of our problems and they have verified that this is not doing the global warming that was predicted by Al Gore, a key member of the Club of Rome, in his documentary "An Incomfortable Truth."
*Club Of Rome = Key Think Tank from the 70's which included Al Gore, Clinton, Gorbachov, Kissenger and other globalists. It was this club that came up with the idea that environmentalism could be made to suit the purposes of their Global Governance agenda in which the general population would be made to believe that all the normal humans are the big problem with respect to the planet (and not industrial pollution per se.)

The science of the IPCC (group of scientists hired by the UN) has already been widely demonstrated as pseudo science and it was decided beforehand what it was that the owners of the world wanted to see and show the public to create the perception of a problem or crisis that demands accelerated measures towards a world government.

Based on this pseudo science, the perception of the current crisis was created, which has been, rather, a good excuse for carbon trading. Speculation about environmental pollution created a new market to exploit, giving way to the sale of forests to multi-national companies to "balance" the balance of their polluting activities (REDD +).

Al Gore himself formed a company to trade in carbon bonds and is now a billionaire with huge mansions and a private plane in which he travels around the world preaching his ecological pseudo-religion.

Other than that, the big bank magnates like the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, George Soros, etc. (all Khazar-Jewish origin coincidentally) are working to organize the post-capitalist economy that will be based on the use of energy.

They are doing this through, above all, the world bank and the organization called " The Bank of International Settlements" based in Basel, Switzerland, which is a kind of union of central banks from around the world.

There are many social experiments that are being conducted to find the most perfect way to organize this new virtual system of the economy in which each person also creates their virtual personality because without that it will not be possible to sell or buy. Even alternative economies with their currencies or local exchange schemes are being monitored and quantified in terms of utility and analysis of human behaviour in economic terms.


Agenda 21 is the key to what is called "global governance" with a single "religion", a single way of life and a world slavery, all under the striking slogan "SAVE THE PLANET" (from us, the rabble.)

This world religion is the religion of the UN and as one of the "spiritual" guides of the UN, David Spangler, said, it is the religion of Lucifer.

"No one will enter the New World Order until he or she promises to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless they take the Luciferian initiation. "

David Spangler, Director of the Planetary Initiative, United Nations.

We are now witnessing the Vatican's support for this UN program.

Pope Francisco is the first Jesuit Pope and the Jesuits have always had the plan of world domination and the installation of a single world religion.

Returning to the beginning of the twentieth century it was another Jesuit, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who outlined the ideological basis for the creation of this system since he, in theological terms, gave the justifications for bio technology, the creation of a collective mind through technology, that is now taking shape with computers and the Internet, and transhumanism, a theory of the future evolution of man also based on technology.

Another key figure in the development of the new "spirituality" of the UN that is now known as the New Age, was Alice Bailey, successor in the Theosophical movement, of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

This lady (Alice Bailey, not Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who produced a very interesting body of work)  together with others promoted what is essentially SPIRITISM or the channeling and possession of practitioners by entities from beyond. These spiritualist groups have been very involved in the formation of the new era concept and along with that the idea of a single world religion guided by, among others, entities that call themselves "the council of the nine."

Alice Bailey, to spread these ideas, organized a printing house with the name "Lucifer Trust.”  They later changed the name to Lucís Trust to disguise this a little bit.

In addition we can mention the names of many other groups of spiritualism and black magic that have taken key roles in spreading the ideas of the new era and the paradigm shift that we have seen from the 50's onwards, which includes the hidden order OTO (Temple Order Orientalis) led by the Satanist and Black Magician Aleister Crowley, who, moreover, was an agent of MI6.

From Crowley came the inspiration for the creation of rock groups, psychedelia, "sexual liberation" etc. for Crowley was a terrible degenerate, a bi-sexual, a drug addict and a practitioner of Black Magic rituals which he used to invoke demonic entities.

After him there were others that took the baton; for example, Alduos Huxley, another degenerate who promoted the "psychedelic revolution" of the sixties, influencing the rock groups and the movements of hippies in the USA. and introducing LSD.

Huxley was an agent of MI6 and director of MKULTRA (program of mind control developed by the CIA), He was also a writer and his most famous book is “Brave New World“ in which the scenario is a future society totally controlled where people are born from laboratories, genetically programmed to fulfil their task of life within which they are kept happy through psychedelic drugs.

That was Huxley's vision and it is being very accurate when we see the plans now of the UN.

Crowley, on the other hand, was named as an important influence by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and many other rock groups who had Crowley's motto "Do what you want and let that be the whole law."

This is the philosophy of degeneration; follow your DESIRES which leads to the abuse of drugs, "free love" homosexuality etc. etc. The idea behind the whole rock wave and its subsequent derivations (metal, death metal, punk, cyber-punk, techno etc.) was to introduce a strong wave of degeneration to the young people so that they would not be able to resist against the New World Order plan.

All that came as the "fruit" of the studies of Aldous Huxley and company with the MKULTRA project, as well as other behavioural studies initiatives such as the Tavistock Institute in the UK.


Aleister Crowley was also the greatest hero of the famous promoter of LSD, Timothy Leary, (who came to believe that he was the reincarnation of Crowley), doctor of psychology at Harvard University in the USA. and agent of the CIA.

Leary, then, became champion of the ideas of transhumanism in which the fusion of man with the machine and, more specifically with the computer, is postulated.

The transhumanists base themselves on Darwin but with the idea that we ourselves can take our evolution into our own hands to become Gods. Now we see many Hollywood movies that promote these ideas that are ultimately moving toward the vision of uploading human consciousness to a computer.

The companies responsible for personal computer technology, which was originally sold as a tool of personal liberation, emerged from the hippie movement in California, the most famous being Steve Jobs, the guy who formed the Apple Macintosh company. Jobs, along with many of his colleagues in business, had been a hippie, an LSD user and also a homosexual. From the beginning they worked together with the CIA and other sinister organizations in pursuit of the transhumanist ideology. (Apple's logo is an apple with a bite, clear reference to the story of Adam and Eve)

The transhumanists have the idea that, through the man-machine fusion we are going to become immortal and omnipresent as Gods. Those who know something about the Luciferian "religion" will know that Lucifer is the angel who wants to re-place God.

In the transhumanist world, which goes hand in hand with Agenda 21 and everything that the elites of the world want to do through the UN organization, want to to create a God and this God is going to speak to us through the quantum supercomputers.

They will be the oracle of our lives, shaping our thoughts, our feelings and our actions, because nobody will be able to do anything without the new "God" giving us permission.

This idea was launched by Teilhard de Chardin when he spoke about the creation of an intelligent "super brain" or "noosphere" that covers the entire planet. Many transhumanists today see Chardin's idea as a prophecy of the emergence of supercomputers and the Internet.

We now see how  for many people the Internet, the "smart phones" and computers have become INDISPENSABLE and that is only the first step towards our conversion into men-machines.

That is the vision of these evil "people" who see us as slaves that they can eliminate, recycle, handle etc. at their whim.

If all that does not move you to question where the world is headed, if it seems very incredible, investigate for yourself. Find information about Agenda 21 and what is behind it and you will find that it is more real than you can imagine and it is on its way.

Look at the new emphasis in education in which children are encouraged from a young age to consider if they want a sex change or hormone implants.

Look at your latest models of cell phone, watch how more and more we live our lives through these devices. We are already accustomed to the constant changes in our lives in which we are more and more slaves to technology and all its "wonders."

With these devices we are being hypnotised so that they can introduce more and more control and so that in the end we will end up as ants in giant cities running to fulfil our daily duties so that we do not attract the attention of the EYE THAT SEES EVERYTHING.

There are many parallels that we can analyse in films and literature since art, movies and books have also been hijacked and financed by the owners of the means of manipulation in order to program our minds, weakened by the constant consumption of fluoride and other poisons, so that we accept these "innovations" as something fantastic and even revolutionary that will transform our lives.

And if that were not enough, we just have to see for a moment, the speeches of people like Cristiana Figureres, a woman who works at the UN with these issues of sustainable development.

This lady is a real BLACK WITCH and she describes with seriousness, in her lectures, the ideas for the future. She speaks marvels of the "Smart Cities" as if they were the best thing that could happen to us and all with that mocking cynicism that characterises these people from the upper echelons of the UN and the elites in general.

In April 2015, Cristiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, made it clear that the solution to global warming includes extreme depopulation.

Figueres said:

"We can definitely change those population numbers and we really have to do everything possible to change those numbers because nowadays, we are surpassing the carrying capacity of the planet."

The great majorities, then, are waiting for the RECYCLING, to use one of the "Buzz" terms of the sorcerers and witches of "SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT" because, in order to realize their dream of a "happy world" the world elites have in mind the elimination of all people who qualify as "useless eaters" and therefore as surplus to requirements.

That is why they are mapping the human genome to select the genes that they consider "good" for the future "manufacture" of men and women adapted to their system and useful to serve them who think of becoming Gods.

They believe that we are evolving into a super intelligence created by ourselves that will self-regulate all the processes of life itself, creating new forms of "life" that will be "inorganic" since we are not going to need physical bodies but rather we are going to form bodies of information that, for Teilhard de Chardin, represents the resurrection or the second coming of the Christ and the creation of the "spiritual" body.

Teilhard de Chardin says that the "perfection" of the human being and his evolution towards a kind of transhuman is the true mission of the Christ on earth. The modern followers of the ideas of this Jesuit have extended these ideas since humanity has created computer systems which did not exist when Teilhard de Chardin was alive.

There are, military projects such as DARPA that are experimenting with technology to create annexes to the human body that increase their physical strength and their ability to think and process information, among other things.

In the universities from all over the world, the investigation of all these issues is well advanced and it is more than certain that what is in the public sphere is very late in relation to what they have already developed.

We are entering a new TECHNOCRATIC era.

To conclude this article it is important to point out that with that we are not saying that there is no threat to the balance of life on our planet.

We have made known a bit of the pseudo science of climate change that is being used as propaganda to make us believe in the need for a world government.

The real threat, however, is in the same project of Agenda 21 and the UN since, as they state, it is dependent on electromagnetic networks for its planetary control and these networks through which cell phones operate, wi-fi, television signals and all police, military devices with their satellite communications etc. etc. are altering the NATURAL electromagnetic pulse of the earth that is harmonized with all the life of birds, animals, insects, fish, whales, humans etc.

These electromagnetic waves cause cancer, alter the functioning of brains, nervous systems etc. and may affect the magnetic orientation of the earth. That is to say only one thing, without mentioning the bombs and missiles that contain radioactive elements or the amounts of toxic chemicals in food production, GM etc.

THESE THINGS ARE A THREAT, but if we see the plans of the UN and the elites of the New World Order those things are INTEGRAL elements that they are using for the creation of their eco-cities.


First of all it is necessary to familiarize ourselves with these issues and we can do that by forming information groups in our localities, promoting research and the dissemination of information. We can also scrutinize local government plans, "green" projects, the activities of autonomous regional corporations, laws and also the activities of the national government as they are linked to the global plan since they signed Agenda 21 in 1992.

The Colombian State, for example. has been carrying out during the last 20 years or more a total study of the national terrain, resources, human activity, the distribution of land, waters, forests, geology, etc. etc. and has a whole set of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are collaborating in the task; that is in order to be constantly updating the information to be able to continue introducing the LITTLE TO LITTLE the measures because they know that it is very likely that if the population wakes up to what is happening they will find a lot of resistance.

That is why they have seen that it is very important to put the concepts of the plan in the educational system from the primary level to the university level.

Already on "YouTube" there are students from Bogotá who have made their own videos talking about the wonders of Agenda 21 but DO NOT KNOW what it is really about. Education, then, is only propaganda and VERY WELL made to ensure a population that is conformist and does not THINK FOR ITSELF.

So it is important that we leave this state of APATHY and motivate ourselves because our freedom depends on us not continuing in ignorance.

Nowadays there are many ways in which, in each country they collect information and everything is being adapted according to the situation of each country and region. The censuses are designed to have data about each family, each plot, what you have planted, what you do, how you live, etc. and all this information enters the data system for later use.

They launch tourism projects, agriculture, pseudo environmental groups etc etc and everything has the same purpose, all the information goes to the UN ... The World Government.

It's time to wake up.



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