ON VENEZUELA: Homeland before the abyss: two sides of the same coin.

By: Rafael Ramírez Carreño | Sunday, 02/03/2019

Our country suffers the onslaught of a deep crisis, economic, political and social, there is no governability, nothing works, we are isolated and threatened, we talk about war, we are on the edge of the abyss.

The main responsible for this situation is Nicolás Maduro and his government, the worst in our history, who, in his political death throes, is determined to lead our people to a bloody scenario in order to stay in power.

How could we get to this situation? How was it possible to destroy the country and its institutions in this way? How is it possible that there is so much inability and indolence in the handling of the country's affairs?

For more than five years, in 100 opinion articles and innumerable interviews and public interventions, I have warned and denounced that: Nicolás Maduro has betrayed the political legacy of President Chávez, has absurdly dilapidated the tremendous political capital of Chavism and has destroyed, almost from its own foundations, the institutions and the work of the revolutionary period of 2002-2012.

Worst of all: it has degraded and robbed the Venezuelan people of the conscience reached in revolution, has degraded it and "plundered it in its moral ethics", as Toby Valderrama points out.

For political history will be the analysis of this tragedy, the terrible defeat that Madurism has inflicted on the Venezuelan people, on Chavism as a political movement.

For scholars it will be the subject of debate, how it is possible to destroy the economy of a rich country that, only in 2012, after 12 years of Bolivarian government, was stable, a country with sovereign control and management of its immense strategic resources : oil, gas and minerals; with a powerful PDVSA, capable of producing three million barrels per day of oil, fuel, gas; able to export and sustain the national economy; a country with a unique social inclusion model; an economy in balance, supply, a period of growth and well-being; able to produce, satisfy needs, provide services.

Nowadays what happens in Venezuela, is used in the political debate, in the whole planet, as the anti example of what NOT to do, or of the model that should NOT be followed.

Those of us who stepped forward, those who raise their voices, as is supposed to be the role of a revolutionary, warning, pointing out, defending the work of Comandante Chávez and the interests of the whole country, were criminalized, persecuted, imprisoned and exiled, victims of their vain attempt to silence our voices.

Not only did former Chavez ministers, civilians and military; so did world, regional, progressive leaders, UNASUR, Pope Francisco, former presidents Pepe Mujica and Leonel Fernández, among others, but they did not want to listen, they did not care; the arrogance, group interests, and the imposition of their own plan was more important to them.

But politics has its own dynamic, what moves underneath, imperceptible, always results in a surprise for the elites in power.

Now reality hits them in the face with the usual rawness: Maduro has lost popular support, the desperate people are willing to do whatever it takes to get him out of power.  Time ran out for Maduro.

The failure of Maduro has raised the political spectres that Comandante Chavez always defeated. Now they have returned to the political arena due to the mistakes of Maduro. He has been responsible for oxygenating them, not only because of their disastrous management, but because they have determined that they will do anything to stay in power.

The "cunning" of the negotiators of Madurismo, have raised the ghosts of the IV Republic to establish a covenant pact, wanting to reedit a kind of "Fixed Point Pact", based on a capitalist model, backward and dependent, supported for business, agreements and interests of all kinds.

The current situation of discontent, of despair and boredom of the people, of opponents, Chavistas and ordinary citizens, has been capitalized on by the extreme right.

They has taken the initiative, even over other factors of the opposition, thanks to the fact that they enjoy international support, and that they have remained on the line of extremism: without negociations, they will give away everything, they will hand over everything.

These factors of the extreme right, are the same as always: those of the coup d'état, those of the Oil Sabotage, those of the gangs and the violence, only that now they come "recharged", with a "remix" of their speech.

It is curious and enlightening at the same time that, although Madurism and the extreme right, seem to be ready to annihilate everything, however, they coincide in a single purpose: to deliver the oil, privatize PDVSA and to change the Constitution. What both promise, is to persecute Chavism, devastating with their political conquests, the economic and social aspects of the revolution.

The extreme right announces it with a new face and its "Plan País", who now, in another form of April 11, impose the blow of the "swearing in demonstration". This, in addition to being based on an "absolute absence" decreed by a TSJ from abroad, is not contemplated in our Constitution, nor anywhere else, it opens a door to the instability of all countries if it is accepted as a doctrine. Where someone stops in front of a crowd and "swears", then we will have a president, or governor, or mayor, or a secession, etc.

So, let's be a little more serious: the Guaidó is a powerful political operation, designed from the outside to depose Maduro (however legitimate and disastrous he may be) in a way that is is also a violation of the Constitution.

For his part, Maduro, does his thing: equally illegitimate by self-proclaiming for another period, after "winning" an "express" election arranged by himself to "win", without contender, and not even allowing

Chavist elements to participate, imprisoning and exiling us, outlawed parties, disqualified candidates, modifying the CNE's computer system and violated political liberties.

So, this is another political operation, now Maduro, to stay in power, covered with a supposed "legitimacy", to be endorsed by its own Judiciary, Prosecutor and National Constituent Assembly.

The majority of the country observes. The people, the citizens, are expectant, the world observes. There seems to be only one feeling: nobody wants Maduro. Most identify him as responsible for the current situation, due to his indolence, arrogance and limited understanding of how to run a country, with its disastrous results.

It has generated, as never before, a violent and widespread rejection in broad layers of the population, including in the Chavista people. No one is willing to continue to put up with it, neither to him nor to his inner circle. However, we can get out of this labyrinth, without taking a leap into the void that leaves us in the hands of the far right.

Maduro and Guaidó, are two sides of the same coin, want the same thing: to stay in power or take power, at the expense of whatever, selling the country to any altar, delivering what we have left of our country, our possibility of leaving this abyss: PDVSA, oil, gas, state companies, our national economy, sovereignty.

In the social political sphere, it is the same: The 1999 Constitution, our laws, our participatory and protagonist democracy, popular power, social programs, missions, human rights, jurisdictional sovereignty, political independence.

Madurism asks the people to immolate themselves in defense of a Constitution that he violates every day, of a people that he has impoverished, that goes hungry, that has no services, no rights and that desperately leaves the country, which he represses in the neighborhoods at the hands of the FAES and allowing people to be killed at the hands of delinquency; in defense of a sovereignty that already delivered in the Essequibo or in the Mining Arc; of the oil that has already been delivered to the transnationals in the Orinoco Oil Belt, in Lake Maracaibo; of the gas of the country that he has already delivered; of a PDVSA that destroyed; of a Popular Power that disappeared behind a Clap box, a gas cylinder, a "kennel" or a card; of a protagonist and participatory democracy that has long been extinguished waiting for the red comet.

The extreme right promises that it will do the same. Of course, it has a new face, but he does not break with his ties, its commitments, its interests. Thus, the "Country Plan" openly talks about delivering PDVSA to the "private sector”, understanding that it will be the transnationals, as already announced; consequently, that they will deliver the oil to, violating or changing the 1999 Constitution; "flexibilizing the fiscal regime", this is the key phrase of transnational demands; privatizing state companies; eliminating state control over oil and gas; creating a "Venezuelan Hydrocarbons Agency", without "interference by the State". It is the same, the same speech, "remix", of the Petroleum Aperture, of the delivery, of international arbitration, as approved by the ANC in its "Foreign Investment Law".

Our crisis and problems are much more complex, to believe that they can be solved by destroying Chavism and our conquests. It would not be sustainable, there would be no governability, we will disembark in an escalation of the conflict.

So? More of the same? More Maduro? More from the IV Republic? We say: No!

Given this scenario in development of the "annihilation of the opposite", I insist on my statement that, based on Article 5 of our Constitution, Sovereignty Resides in the People, understood as the seat of the political organization of the country.

This being so, the logical thing would be to call elections to pave the way to reestablishing governability and functioning of the country, without foreign interference and without violence. But under the current conditions, that will not happen.

Obviously, neither side of the same problem will yield. Behind Guaidó they whisper to him that they advance, that they will "win", while with Maduro, they all smell of gasoline, and at any moment it will catch fire.

Following the Constitution, the only one that has the mandate to defend sovereignty, the Constitution and internal order, is the Bolivarian Armed Forces. Beyond these Constitutional obligations, they have a moral and ethical responsibility, in accordance with the Bolivarian Military Doctrine: "the military employing their swords in defense of social guarantees".

Our Bolivarian Armed Forces can not be party to the sustaining of an elite entrenched in power, with their backs to the country, which in the face of this serious situation, is running propaganda races, crying out for our military to protect it, while offering anything as long as they let them stay a little more.

Nor can they lend themselves to bypassing the Constitution, speaking in favor of forces that represent foreign interests, that have violated and continue to violate our Constitution and that only promise to destroy the political and social institutions of the Bolivarian period, our sovereignty and our Military Institution.

So, our Bolivarian Armed Force, which is deliberative in its responsibilities and constitutional mandates, is the only institution of the State, which, in the face of the existing conflict of Powers, and the clear violation of the constitutional order of both sides in conflict, the danger and threat to our peace and integrity, can restore the mandate of the Constitution and return sovereignty to the Venezuelan people.

We must get out of the abyss, with a peaceful, sustainable solution, give way to a Patriotic Government Board, capable of preserving peace, our sovereignty and the Constitution, after a period of national emergency, focused on meeting the needs of supply , attention and regularization of the functioning of the State and the country, achieving a political agreement of governability, a patriotic agreement: governing with the people, preserving our strategic resources, ownership and control over PDVSA, oil and gas, calling general elections , to legitimize all the Powers of the State, including the Executive and the National Assembly, to dissolve the National Constituent Assembly, to reestablish the institutionality, to maintain order, our social guarantees, to activate an economic emergency plan, and to be able to relate to the whole world.

That our people can count on the support of the whole world, with respect to our sovereignty and our right to self-determination and independence. Let all the voices and institutions of the world come: Pope Francis; António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations; Michelle Bachelet, High Commissioner for Human Rights; Alicia Bárcenas of ECLAC; the entire UN system, the Celac, among other institutions, voices and peoples of the world who want to help us get out of this labyrinth.

(COMMENT.. HA HA HA not much chance of that…)

Our country does not have to succumb to the chaos of another government of Maduro, nor the leap into the void of the extreme right and foreign interference. Most of the people what they want is to get out of this disaster and restore the normality and functioning of the State Institutions, of the country, to have a response and a solution to the crippling economic, social, and governance problems.

That things work, that expatriates return, that political prisoners are freed, that exiles return, that intolerance and violence ceases, that our economic and social achievements, the sovereignty and integrity of our country are preserved. Restore our Constitution and govern together with the People!

(translated by https://oh-no-its-the-un.blogspot.com/)

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