In a newspaper from Mexico City we found a scandalous article written against three unhappy children, one 8 years old, one 10 years old and the other 12 years old.

The article had the cruel headline: “They caged themselves inside Sears, changed clothes and, once elegant, slept. Hilarious adventure of three vagabonds that wanted to dress well and sleep better, even if only for a night”

The author of this article written against these three unhappy and helpless children writes as if he were talking about three forty or fifty year old murderers that have escaped from prison. The author of said article does not find the tender age of these unhappy and abandoned creatures to be of importance. The text of this brutal and cruel article is the following:

“There appeared on the panorama of the capital’s criminal underworld three vagrants (then comes the names of the three), expert thieves that took their audacity to the point of closing themselves inside the Sears Roebuck shop in the streets of San Luis Potosi and Insurgentes, and passed the night looking for the best clothes in accord with their age – 8, 10 and 12 respectively – and once they had converted themselves into “rich kids” they went to the furniture department, where each one chose the softest most comfortable beds and slept deeply.

“At eight in the morning when the administrator of the establishment arrived he was informed that some of the window displays (where there had been children’s clothes on display) had been found in complete disorder and that the footprints of strangers had been found in various parts of the shop.

“Radio patrols were advised, a search was made, and to the surprise of all three children were found sleeping in the furniture department, legs sprawled across the beds.

“They awoke with a start and the eldest said to his accomplices, ‘I said to you lads that we would fall asleep and we had dressed up so elegant.’

“The three had put on new clothes from head to foot; underwear, good shirts, (each one had put on as many as three) hats and waterproofs. Over the underwear the had put swimming trunks; they had the idea of going to Acapulco. The three lads said that they had decided to get themselves closed inside the shop. They had hidden themselves in the corner of a warehouse and waited for the night when they had come out and dedicated themselves to choosing the best clothes.

“The police took them to the eighth delegation from where they were sent to the tribunal for minors.”

So concludes the article.

In reality it is not prison where these children should end up. These young delinquents were created by society. In a human society that is truly responsible these child delinquents wouldn’t exist. Society has left these unhappy children in complete abandonment. In the streets of the cities thousands of unhappy children and orphans come and go begging for food.

Human society and the governments of the Earth don’t give importance to the pain of these innocents and when they commit a crime, as in the case cited, instead of being taken to a good school for cultured children, they are sent to prison. Prison doesn’t reform, it damages and perverts. In this way these children were placed at the fringes of crime by a cruel society and in the end put in a school for crime: PRISON.

Here these children learn from other children that are more advanced, precisely that which they shouldn’t learn. There they will learn to be real thieves, muggers, etc. Prison as a system of reform has failed in all the countries of the Earth. It has been demonstrated that prison morally corrupts human beings. Prison doesn’t reform anyone.

If we analyse closely the case of the three young lads mentioned in this chapter we will see first of all ABANDONMENT. These children wandered the streets in a state of complete abandonment. Second, lack of clothing and inferiority complex. The three children were not decently dressed by human society. The three lads, due to the complex caused by their nudity and misery, wanted to dress elegantly. Human society, the society that accuses them before the solemn verdict of public consciousness was not able to dress them elegantly, it did not recognize their right to dress well and so the result was this crime.

Jesus the Christ said: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” This cruel and soulless society that abandons children in the streets, this perverse and degenerated society that negates children the right to dress well, the right to eat well, the right to study in a good school because they commit the crime of not having money; really this society is not so free of sin that it can cast the first stone at these abandoned children.

If the parents of these children have died, if they are orphaned, if they are so poor and defence-less why does human society which prides itself on being so honest and noble not educate them in elegant schools together with the so called ‘good children’? Are these children animals? Are they not human beings? Is the blood of these children not red like the blood of the ‘good children’?

Human society does not have the right to condemn what it has created. The case of these children is the fruit of society. They are the fruit of the society that publicly and cruelly condemns them. What would be said to an inventor that publicly condemns his own invention? Society is victim of its own invention. Society condemns its own invention.

This society that presumes itself to be Christian abandons children and lets them wander in the streets hungry and half naked. How far are these civilized Christians from understanding CHRIST when he said “Let the children come to me because the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs”

How far is humanity from understanding what it really means to be Christian? THE TIME HAS ARRIVED TO URGENTLY REALIZE THE SOCIAL CHRIST.

These orphaned children need true places of education, elegant schools. They should be educated where the good children are educated because these children are just as much children as the so called ‘good children’. These children need schools and clothes that are just as good as those of the rich because these children are as human as the rich children.

It is absurd to send these children to miserable schools with the pretext that they are schools for the abandoned. This is cruel and forms an inferiority complex in the children. They grow up with complexes. They feel humiliated by human society and are filled with resentment against this society that as discriminated so villainously against them as if they weren’t as human as the so called ‘good children’.

The result of this discrimination is crime later on. The child grows until he is a man and after, full of resentment, he throws himself into crime. In this way society becomes the victim of its own invention.

This is precisely the moment in which all the religions, schools, orders and lodges should demonstrate their universal charity, that charity that they have preached so much. It is necessary that the religions that are called upon to serve eternal values unite between them in order to work for those children that need luxurious schools, food, elegant clothes, etc.

If all religions, schools and sects left behind their ancient religious jealousies and united in order to realize this work in favour of the abandoned children it would be possible to make a better world.

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