Money in itself is neither good or bad, it all depends on the use we make of it. If we use it for good it is good and if we use it for bad it is bad.

We cannot negate that today, due to human barbarity, money has become a basic factor in practical day to day life.

The grave part is not in getting money but in the greed for it. Humanity today is very greedy.

People depend on money for happiness, they want money and more money. They are not content with FOOD, CLOTHES AND SHELTER. They want more money than is necessary for FOOD, CLOTHES AND SHELTER.

We know individuals in the capitalist system to have more than a thousand houses that give them juicy monthly incomes and what is more they have farms and cars of the latest model with which to transport themselves around.

These types of people do not need a thousand houses to live in, neither do they need much land to cultivate food. Even less do they need thirty or forty luxury cars in order to get them from one place to another.

Really these types of individuals have wasted their time miserably, dedicating their energies towards getting all of these useless things, certainly these individuals are idle vagabonds of the mind, fantastic utopian dreamers.

The Governments should not stop the free initiative of the people or of individuals but should establish strong rules for these capitals. This type of powerful people should pay the largest taxes for use in public works, education, hygiene etcetc.

Furthermore, in the question of monthly distribution of the profit on capital between workers, it is clear that the capital should end up in the hands of the workers. This capital should belong to he or she that works it. The workers work the capital.

We need money, this is obvious, but when money is converted into a psychological necessity, when we use it for ends other than the most necessary, when we depend upon it in order to get fame, prestige, social position, then money assumes an importance in the mind that it does not really have. It assumes a disproportionate and exaggerate importance and from this originates the struggle and all the tremendous problems in the fight for its possession.

We should distinguish between the fundamental necessities and the PSYCHOLOGICAL necessities.

FOOD, CLOTHING AND SHELTER are vital necessities, this is obvious. Social position, great casinos, playing tables, latest fashions, luxury cars etcthese are not necessary, this is absurd.

At the base of all this is the ego and its desire for satisfaction. The ego enjoys itself feeling satisfied. The I looks for satisfaction, it wants satisfaction and it is normal that it should look for those sensations that can give it the desired satisfaction. The EGO wants sensations of wealth, good feasts, sensations of power, luxury and vanity, all with the unique proposal of feeling satisfied.

We should comprehend deeply the nature of sensation and satisfaction if, that is, that we truly want the Dissolution of the I.

Sensation and satisfaction are tricks of the mind. We should liberate the mind from these tricks and this is only possible by medium of comprehension.

It is urgent to begin by integrally comprehending those sensations and satisfactions that are most familiar.

It is necessary to establish here, precisely here, the precise and adequate foundation for the comprehension.

We need to self-observe and have consciousness of our own sensations and personal satisfactions.

There are many types of satisfaction and sensation and in order to obtain them, we make the error of losing our time miserably, dedicated only to getting a fortune.

Some want sensations of wealth, power, command etc others want sexual sensation, women etc., that inevitably lead to miserable, indignant and dirty satisfactions. Those that look for dirty satisfactions, those that look for stupid satisfactions do not have the least hesitation in exploiting their fellows. They become frighteningly cruel, greedy, avaricious and cunning.

Analyse yourself dear reader, what are the sensations you most like? What types of satisfactions do you most desire? If you, dear reader, really want to Dissolve the ‘I’, it is necessary to comprehend deeply and in all levels of the mind what your personal sensations and satisfactions are.

Sensation and Satisfaction serve as the basis of the ‘I’.

When we comprehend our relationship with money then the pain of detachment and the frightful suffering produced by competition is ended.

It is not a case of renouncing money or being greedy for it. What is important is to know how to relate ourselves to it in the correct way.

We know of the case of a man that never had money. He visited people dedicated to spiritual studies and all of those people gave him food, clothes and shelter. This man said “I don’t need money because when I am hungry one of my friends will give me food. When I have thirst one of them will give me something to drink. If I need to travel someone will give me the fare. If I need to rest in some garden I sit in a seat in order to rest and the gardener works for me. The house owner has beautiful furniture so I can sit in it.”

There is no doubt that this man was a tremendous egoist, in love with himself, always thinking in what others could give him but never thinking in giving or in making life better for others. This is how crime is also concealed amidst incense and prayer.

We should not fall into these kinds of errors. It is indispensable to learn to relate ourselves to money. We need money in order to cover our immediate physical necessities. Disgracefully necessity is transformed into greed. Today our relationship to money is based on greed. We should learn to differentiate between our immediate physical necessities and our psychological necessities. It is necessary to know where necessity ends and greed begins.

Today people do not content themselves with food, clothes and shelter, they want to get money and more money for things that are not food, clothes and shelter.

The psychological ‘I’, realising its own emptiness and misery, wants to be big and great and in order to do this looks for more and more money. The greedy suffer and cause suffering. They make life bitter for themselves and make life bitter for others. Greed is the secret cause of hate and of the brutalities of the world. Many times these brutalities are carried out in the name of the law.

If we want to finish with greed in the world, we should begin by finishing with greed inside ourselves, because we are the world. We need to understand in depth all of the complex processes of greed if we really want to get to the point of dissolving the ‘I’.

It is urgent to understand in integral form the process of greed on all levels of the mind. Only in this way can we realise upon the earth the Social Christ. It is necessary that the democratic governments make the system of credit democratic.

Today, all systems of credit are bourgeois and cruel. Credit is only given to the powerful but not to the poorest workers.

The governments should make credit democratic. It is necessary that the humble road sweeper, the elegant doctor, the normal policeman and the general of the division, the humble waitress and the carrier of heavy loads all participate together in the different systems of credit.

The Latin American Christian Socialist Party should fight for the democratisation of credit. It is not just that men and women with their working skills should succumb to hunger a misery when there is so much money.

It is necessary to learn to use money wisely, only in this way can we end hunger and misery.

If it is certain that the individual should adapt himself to society it is also certain that society should adapt itself to the individual. It is tremendously cruel and absurd that money is given on credit to the powerful but not to the workers.

Making credit democratic could end hunger and misery.

Making credit democratic would transform the economic life of the people making them rich with creative work.

There is lots of money, the problem is that it is badly distributed and on the doorstep of the rich unhappy people weep.

Today credit is only for the powerful and in this way the saying “To he that has a horse they give a horse and to he that does not have a horse they give a kick” is fulfilled.

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