If really we want to create authentic and legitimate democracy we need to establish in all of the countries of Latin America THE SOCIAL WELFARE SYSTEM.

Even though it is certain that the individual needs to become adapted to society also it is true that the society must become adapted to the individual. The Social Welfare System exactly fulfils this valued human aim.

The state must be parents for the common people, the state must be less cruel, less merciless, less barbaric.

The Social Welfare System is destined to solve many problems that have given to our society a very ugly and painful aspect.

In a Latin American country we knew a poor schoolteacher’s case that in spite of having grown old working in her Professorship, when she was about to die was not retired.

She had educated new generations, she had become exhausted teaching. The salary of this poor labourer of the educational field was same as that of beggars.

The one and only thing which gives hope through an unhappy era is the possibility of achieving a very distant freedom, the longed for retirement someday, and certainly she achieved it on the eve of her death, when she was already throwing up blood through the nose; No doctor was able to save her, she was suffering from cancer.

If the Social Welfare System would have existed things would have been very different . Unfortunately the the aforementioned institution is still just a future project. The business about retirement is dependent on the Social Welfare System.

It is necessary to understand that the worker has complete right to rest and to retirement. It is not just to exploit miserably the worker, to squeeze the sweat of his youth out of to him and next to cast him out onto the street.

The great statesman Albardi said : “In a great political system the PARTS LIVE FROM THE WHOLE AND THE WHOLE LIVES THROUGH THE PARTS”. “Consequently the GOOD OF sociETY must be arranged BY the state with a symmetry of interests, SO THAT THEY DO NOT RESULT IN CREATING DESCENDANTS; ThE SAME with retirement, for some working people of the nation there are GOOD laws pertaining to retirement and they do not exist for others”

* The construction of this phrase in Spanish is with difficulty comprehensible. “Symmetry of interests” is to say that what benefits the individual must benefit the collective and vice versa. “Do not result in creating descendants” in the translator’s opinion signifies that further problems must not be created through the giving of welfare. For example, if unemployment benefits are so high that companies cannot afford to hire workers, and thus being less profitable are unable to pay the taxes necessary to support the welfare state – a vicious circle. Another example would be creating incentives to have large families which would cost the state money to school and the resulting population being greater than the number of jobs available would in turn put further strain on the welfare system (which might lead people to want large families to receive the increased welfare money).

If we want to ward off the horrible monster of communism in Latin America, we need true social justice.

It is absurd that the states provoke with their injustices strikes, organized obstruction of production, acts of violence, shouts of protest, etc., Etc., Etc.

The state was not created to create problems, the state was created in order to resolve problems.

In all the really civilized countries, or ones that presume to be civilized, the Social Welfare System must be founded.

That System would solve with efficiency the problems of retirement, pensions, unemployment, incapacity for work, etc., Etc., Etc.

To create such a Social Welfare System, money would be needed, and a lot of money, but fortunately the world is full of money, the crucial thing is to know how to distribute it wisely.

Even though it is true that there exist many unjust taxes, also it is certain that many just taxes are laid down.

The head of a household, if he has money to do a great party at his house, also is just that he cooperate with a tax for the Social Welfare System. Thus he pays off the sleeplessness that he causes for his neighbours; it is good to know that everything in life has a price.

The individual that has the bad habit to smoke, it’s good that he pay for his vice, that he cooperate with a tax for the Social Welfare System.

The drunkard that torments humanity with his binges must pay the tax for his vice.

The unmarried man, since he does not even have woman, at the very least must cooperate with his tax for this System.

The hour has arrived to bring into being the stamp duty for THE SOCIAL WELFARE SYSTEM.

This stamp duty is to be in use on all transport tickets, whether for overland, for water or for air.

All letters, all documents, any sorts all certificate, should be able to carry this single stamp .

All theatrical tickets, cinemas, bullfighting, football, circus’, etc., Etc., must take this stamp

It is necessary for the people to learn that to have a good time, they can have a good time by cooperating with people, that it should no longer be ‘no’ for the poor person.

They must impose a tax on the large companies, like insurance companies, credit-brokers, stockbrokers, etc., for the benefit of the Social Welfare System.

Contribution from lotteries demanded, tax required on excessive profit, on gambling not already taxed, taxes on horse and car races, cinema tax, frozen capital, etc., etc., etc.

Thus this institution would have monetary funds enough to attend to all human problems.

It is necessary for the state to finish with unjust taxes and establish correct taxes.

The working people in these times have to pay terrible unjust taxes that don’t at all benefit them and very often harm them.

The Social Welfare System is an immediate need for all of the nations.

The Social Welfare System is destined to resolve many vital problems which are: Old age, dereliction, extreme poverty, unemployment, etc.

The Social Welfare System must judge with bread in one hand and in the other the sword to avoid many abuses.

The Social Welfare System must have a police force and make inquiries secretly to know who the persons receiving welfare are, and who really needs to claim it and who does not need it.

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