The LEAGUE FOR PROGRESS created by the dead president Kennedy is bourgeois, it is not democratic.

The twenty thousand million dollars that the United States lends to Latin America, they have an inevitable sepulchre: The cellars of the banks and the strongboxes of the powerful.

Let’s be absolutely certain of the fact that only the privileged lords of the land will be able to enjoy that money.

The poor waitress of the restaurant, the humble sweeper of the streets, the long-suffering shoe cleaner, the patient peasant, etc., etc., etc., Hardly likely and vaguely will they have news related with that subject of the twenty thousand million dollars.

The twenty thousand million turn out to be a magnificent gift for the high magistrates’ pockets, though they are right now needed to be used intelligently to resolve more difficult problems.

There is a vulgar saying that reads thus: «Before the opened coffer the most just sin». The powerful always have the key of the coffers. Uncle Sam could give away his fortunes to Latin America, without it ending the hunger and the poverty in the Latin American countries.

The Latin American countries are apparently free and sovereign, but deep down they are not free nor sovereign, they are Uncle Sam’s slaves.

Latin America is still not capable of self-sufficiency. All the countries of Latin America are underdeveloped.

Those that think that if they distribute the all of the rich’s treasures among the poor make a mistake if they believe they would finish the common peoples’ hunger. Really not only would those treasures not be given to all of the people, but hunger would be furthermore intensified.

The one and only system that would not fail in order to finish with hunger, is called industrialization.

If Latin American countries entirely industrialize they then become free in reality because these countries can then be self sufficient.

The country that is capable of producing not only all that it consumes, but besides that more that it does not consume converts itself into an exporter.

The country that does not need to import because it can be self-sufficient, is free in reality.

Latin America is not yet free, for the fact of the matter is it could be self-sufficient, yet Latin America is underdeveloped.

The Latin America has to buy from Uncle Sam, goods of all sorts, machines, air-planes, auto-mobiles, etc., Etc., Etc.

Uncle Sam demands the payment with the currency that circulates around the territories of the United States. Uncle Sam does not accept another type of currency.

The North American currency is with respect to the distinct currencies of the Latin American countries, too high.

Each dollar of the United States is worth twelve pesos and forty cents in Mexico, in other Latin American countries it is worth thousands of domestic pesos

The importers have to pay the United States, for all the merchandise imported, with dollars or with the equivalent to dollars, as if all of the countries Latin American belong to the North American territory.

The consumers have to buy at a high price, at the equivalent price in dollars, because the importers cannot import cheaply.

The final victim of all this tragedy is the common people, the poor people suffering, humiliated and exploited.


Latin America needs complete industrialization in order to become free in reality.

Each Latin American country must create its own administrative national economy.

The problem of the world is the problem of the individual. If we want a developed country, let’s develop the individual. If we want an industrialized nation, it is necessary to technically equip the individual because what is the individual, that is society.

The schools of primary secondary education must technically enable the individual.

When the individual resolves his economic problem, the whole of America will have resolved its economic problem.

In Latin America the powerful burn coffee or throw it to the sea, and they spill the milk to maintain pricing.

Millions of hungry persons want for themselves that milk and that coffee. Uncle Sam laughs about all those things and when they bother him too much, buys very cheaply.

When the capital belongs to the workers, milk will no longer be spilled, neither will the coffee be burnt, nor will we need to beg to UNCLE SAM (The United States).

The hour has arrived to learn to think for ourselves. The moment has arrived for the common people of Latin American to understand the necessity of industrialization.

The moment has arrived that the authorities understand the urgency to severely punish those who starve the common people, those that burn coffee and spill the milk to preserve pricing.

The Latin American common peoples are hungry and while some die of extreme poverty, others spill the milk and burn coffee.

The twenty thousand million that the United States of North America prepare for the Latin American countries, not only they will not finish with hunger, rather they will complicate more the economy of the common peoples.

The Latin American countries who take that twenty thousand million in actual fact fall into very big compromises with Uncle Sam.

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