From the profound night of the centuries there has existed the fraternity of crime, the tenebrous brotherhood. One who has studied The Protocols Of The Elders of Zion will understand the plans and projects of the tenebrous brotherhood.

This contains their program of action and it’s expression in human relations. Wisely analysing this issue of the corporations we discovered with infinite pain that these are wonderful instruments of this very tenebrous brotherhood.

In the end, the big corporations are the real governments that hide behind the nominal governments. The nominal governments are practically in fact directed by the big corporations. In such a way it happens that the tenebrous brotherhood control the Governments and the people.

We met a big corporation that practically had managed to monopolize all the essential goods in a certain country. Before that corporation existed, people bought the corn very cheap in the markets and there was no hunger. Nowadays only those with a lot of money can buy that product because said Corporation has it monopolized. Nobody but the Corporation has a right to buy it and to sell it, she sets the price of it, she exploits it. In former times the mills worked independently, grinding their own grain; now in that unhappy country, all the mills are controlled by the said Corporation, and the poor people have to buy the product at their huge price.

That corporation has brought famine to that country. Many times it buys all the grain to fill it’s granaries, and later it sells it to foreign countries. With it’s excessive profits, it replaces what has been sold by buying grains of the poorest quality abroad, leaving in its favour a gigantic surplus value as an infamous product of crime. The people, the poor people, do not eat the grain that they harvest, the people eat the foreign grain, the grain of the worst quality, that with which our grandparents fattened the pigs.

The big Corporations exploit the crude oil wells and ruin the land’s subsoil. In certain South American country we saw how natives were taken away by the foreign sheriffs when they dared to go inside a petroleum-bearing region exploited by a great foreign corporation. So these natives being citizens of a sovereign and independent country, did not have a right to travel across their own ground, the sacred land of their parents. This in fact is in fact already an attempted murder against the independence and sovereignty of the liberated nations. Sleazy homosexual dives in the heart of these sovereign countries are created by the said class of corporations. This is the way that these nations lose their independence and become slaves.

The big corporations ruin the nations and they take away their independence. The big corporations monopolize essential goods and bring famine to the people. The big corporations buy all the harvests; They put them in their granaries and resell them to the hungry people, or they negotiate them with foreign countries.

That is the sad reality of these corporations, that they do not have any other god than the golden calf.

The great corporations take possession of the best industries to raise the cost of living. In certain country, a powerful corporation took possession of the mills when they understood that these represented a source of money. Every prolific industry, every good-quality and necessary product falls into the cat-like claws of the big corporations sooner or later.

Who composes these corporations? The personalities of the shadow, the followers of the Black Magistracy, the secret enemy. These murky figures starve the people, and they put an end to the independence of the sovereign nations.

Unfortunately behind every government is the secret enemy, the enemy of the people whose vehicles of expression are corporations.

It is harsh to say – that the nominal governments, they are really puppet governments controlled by the secret threads of the big corporations. The people go cheerfully toward the ballot boxes to elect their rulers and the big corporations laugh in secret at the simple-mindedness of the common people, because they are the ones that really govern, in such a way that all the people of the land are deceived. These powerful corporations do not care about the system of government, or the political party or the new rulers chosen by the common people. They are the ones that govern and that is all.

The big corporations are protected by weapons. Nobody can resist against them because it costs freedom or life to him.

It is necessary to put an end to these octopuses which are over the common people, to put an end to to these instruments of the black lodge; But how? How? With what method?? This is the problem that we need to study calmly if in reality we want to extirpate this cancerous tumour from the breast of humanity.

It is not by means of violence as we will be able to finish with the corporations, violence provokes violence, hatred generates bigger hatred, ill will, unsurprisingly, generates ill will. The retaliatory spirit would give more force and power to the big corporations because they are protected by the Army. What can then be the method or scientific system that allows us to finish with the corporations? Which is the procedure?

Corporations prey on the people. As a matter of fact the common people support the big corporations. These could not exist without the people. When the people take away their support from the big corporations, these will disappear. The nation is the extension of the individual. If we want to solve the problem of the mass let’s begin by solving the problem of the individual. If we want to finish with the corporations we should begin by educating the individual. The individual ignores what the big corporations are.

It is necessary that the individual become completely aware of what the aforementioned corporations are. It is urgent to educate the individual. It is urgent to explain the people what these corporations are. Let’s not attack these corporations. Let us neither ever justify the existence of such societies. It is urgent to study in depth the functioning of the corporations to become completely conscious of their existence.

It is necessary to know that the individual has a sound asleep consciousness, although it seems incredible, the individual lives dreaming, works dreaming, walks dreaming, the individual needs to Awaken their Consciousness. It is urgent that the individual creates complete consciousness of what the corporations are.

This is only possible by putting an end to ignorance. The masses ignore what the aforementioned corporations are, the masses only know them as abbreviations, S.A.

If we want the masses to stop being ignorant, let’s educate the individual, all the esoteric schools, lodges, systems, orders, etc., They can cooperate in this way for the public interest. All religions and sects can join us to work putting an end to the ignorance of the individual. That way we will put an end to the ignorance of the people. When ignorance disappears, darkness comes to an end.

The worst enemy of man is ignorance.

When the individual becomes completely aware of what the big corporations are, when he has complete consciousness of the evil that they do to the people, when he understand in depth that he is also a victim of those corporations, then he will stop cooperating with them. That is the road of success. That is the method to put an end to those corporations. Not cooperating. When the individual does not cooperate, when the individual does not support such corporations, they

inevitably disappear.

The society is nothing but the extension of the individual. If each individual stops co-operating and supporting said corporations, the masses will not cooperate, that’s to say, they will not support such parasitic societies, and the result will be their inevitable death.

The collective action against such corporations will result from individual understanding, when the individual neither buys nor sells anything to such corporations, their disappearance will be a fact.

Let’s begin then with the individual, let’s explain what such corporations are to the individual, to each individual. That is the procedure. Later we will be able to act collectively in an organized and systematic way. Yet now we should begin by the individual. That is all there is to it.

It will only be possible to act collectively against the corporations, on the day that each individual is capable of acting individually with complete and absolute conscience of what he creates.

This system will seem very lengthy to the impatient people. Yet, another path does not exist. The ones that want fast immediate changes, in the economic and social order, also create rigid dogmas, dictatorships of the far right or far left, do not aspire to know how to think, dictate what to think.

Every sudden change cheats itself of it’s own objective and man becomes a victim of that against which he fought. With bad means we will never achieve good goals. The economic systems initiated in bloody revolutions and executions, they are in fact condemned to failure. Every action evokes reaction, and violence only can provoke violence.

The corporations can be destroyed by violent means but they would be reborn inevitably with new shapes and they will create in fact new bitterness and new social chaos. Only by understanding the mechanism of the aforementioned corporations in depth, and becoming completely conscious of the subtle process of greed, will we be able to extirpate this cancerous tumour forever.

We need to neither buy nor sell anything to these societies if we want to destroy them.

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