In the New Age of Aquarius the capital will belong to all the workers.

The capital of states and private capital will disappear because the capital will belong to the workers.

The workers will also be the owners of the capital, the capital with which the workers sustain themselves, it is logical that it must lawfully belong to all.

Public auditors must technically reconcile the interests of employers and workers in this concrete case of the participation of workers in the profits of companies.

Public auditors will have to decide what percentage should be distributed as taxable income and, in the case of the companies making a yearly loss, in what way that will affect the distribution of profits on the capital.

It is necessary to define the term that the companies will have to make the distribution of profits, it is necessary to define what the position will be in the case of sale of fixed assets, it is necessary to clarify the position that the workers will adopt in case the accounting is altered, or some income is concealed, it is also urgent to clarify the concept of the company.

The public auditors will have to solve technically this difficult problem of profits on capital.

In an authentic and legitimate democracy the capital should belong to all of the workers.

     It is necessary to comprehend that the capital of the state does not resolve this problem. The capital of the state actually creates a new type of activity, it is absurd to change private capital for state capital. This is only a change of masters, a change of tyrants, that’s all.

The capital should belong to the workers because they live by it. As long as there is a difference between the powerful and the needy, between rich and poor, between capitalists and the proletariat, it is logical that there will have to be conflicts, and revolutions of blood and liquor, and wars of every kind. If we really want the peoples of the earth to live in peace, if we want truly democratic and progressive nations, we must put an end to all those differences.

It is necessary that employers and workers be reasonable, that they know how to handle the collective capital of every company.

It is necessary that within each individual there is peace, because having peace, all problems are easily solved.

The individual must be sincere with himself and understand that his defects harm his neighbour . If the individual wants to have peace, he must understand his own defects and put an end to greed, selfishness and pride.

We need to put an end to cruelty, we must not exploit anyone nor let ourselves be exploited, remember that capitalism is cruel and ruthless.

Remember also that Marxism-Leninism is cruel and ruthless .

While cruelty exists in the individual, he cannot be at peace. Many societies fight for peace, there efforts will be in vain as long as there is cruelty, greed, selfishness, pride, etc., within the individual.

Peace cannot be an objective, peace cannot be a goal to achieve, peace only comes to us when we dissolve the ego, when we finish with the factors that produce wars and bloody revolutions, and conflicts between employers and workers, etc..

The technical problem of profits on capital can be solved easily if we finish with selfishness, cruelty, pride and greed.

The capital can be the private property of all the workers . Really the workers are capitalist associates, the capital is of all the associates.

The workers of any company should take care of the capital that they live on.

The land belongs to the one who works it and the capital also to the one who works it; the workers are those who work, the capital belongs to the workers.

The state does not work the capital, the capital cannot be of the state.

The capitalist does not work the capital, the one who works the capital is the worker. The legitimate owner of the capital is the worker, or better said, workers.

The labour unions that have not sold themselves to the powerful, the labour unions that truly represent the needs of the workers, the unions of the people and for the people, must fight intensely to achieve the positive outcome of the profits on capital, it is just to comprehend that the profits on capital must be distributed honestly between each and every one of the workers of any company.

The capital of any company is property of all workers of the company, and therefore the profits on the capital must be shared, fairly and wisely, among all the workers of the company.

It is necessary for the workers to understand that they are brothers and that all have the obligation to share among themselves the profits, with peace and true love all this can be solved with full success.

The two worst enemies the workers have are private capital, which is a robbery of the people, and state capital, which is also a robbery of the people.

The capitalists and the communists rob the people, the capital belongs to the people and is for the people, all those who rob the people of their capital are in fact thieves and tyrants.

Benito Juárez said: “Respect for the rights of others is peace”.

Speaking in all sincerity, we can affirm that neither capitalists nor Communists have known how to honour “respect for the rights of others”.

The Marxist-Leninist socialists, aspiring to Communism as they themselves affirm with pretenses of political wisdom, besides robbing the people of their capital, in addition to stripping the workers’ unions of their rights over capital, have finished also with free initiative and political freedom.

Men who truly love freedom must defend the rights of workers, we need to defend our rights.
We need to understand that the bosses are no more than the workers, nor less, the bosses are the brothers of the workers and therefore have equal rights.

We must end forever with the exploitation of man by man and create a true democracy, only democracy can save us from the nauseating plague of communism and the stupid tyranny of capitalism.

We should not exploit, nor let ourselves be exploited, the capital belongs to the workers.

If employers insist on not recognizing the rights of workers, remember that the latter have weapons millions of times more powerful than cannons and shrapnel, these weapons are: the total or partial strike, the slowdown; that is, to work too slow, and the sit-down strike .

The workers should not be fooled with the month of Christmas bonuses, this trick serves the bosses to deceive the workers and to evade the sharing of profits on capital.

In some countries the capitalists have invented a loophole to avoid the question of the sharing of profits on capital.

One of those tricks is to suspend workers at the end of the year, in exchange for this suspension the workers are given a small annual amount of profit sharing as a handout, in this way the capitalists mock heartlessly the fundamental principles of Christian Socialism.

The worst part of this harmful trick invented by the powerful is that now the poor workers situation, instead of improving, is worsened, because the small percentage of profits on the capital received at the end of the year, is not as much as a month of salary, so workers can no longer go on vacation because they do not have money for that.

At bottom the workers are to blame for this situation for not asserting their rights.

This situation has been encountered in a lot of the countries of Latin America and Europe.

The question of the distribution of profits on capital must be just… the distribution of profits has nothing to do with with the issue of the month of bonus that normally should be given to workers, do not confuse one thing with another, bonuses are one thing and the distribution of profits on capital is something else. But the capitalists have wanted to confuse one thing with another to deceive the workers.

It is also absurd to distribute the profits on capital at the end of the year.

All this kind of subterfuge has been invented by the capitalists to evade the just aspirations of the workers . The sharing of profits on capital should be monthly.

The capitalists proceeding so unjustly are causing themselves harm, because the workers feeling cheated out of their just aspirations become communists, and these finish with the capital and with the employers.

The capitalists should not make the mistake of fertilizing land so that the accursed poisonous flower of communism will germinate in it.

We need to understand the deadly danger in which we find ourselves in these precise moments, Marxism-Leninism already dominates a good part of the terrestrial globe, and if we continue the way are going, trying to deceive the workers to zealously defend our juicy monetary revenues, we will soon be moaning under the weight of communist chains.

It is necessary to think in a different way in accord with the New Age.

The past is passed and the times change, now it is best to understand the others’ points of view and give the workers what is theirs.

“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”.

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