Every government needs to support itself with taxes. The people have to cooperate with tax to support the government.

No government could sustain itself without taxes, it would be impossible to do public works without taxes.

Governments require the cooperation of all citizens to be able to carry out all their programs of action, but we have to recognize that there are fair taxes and also unjust taxes.

It is unfair to take money from the pockets of poor workers to support the drone Bureaucrat that favors the rich.

The rich of all the countries of Latin America are associated in one way or another with the monopolies of the Great Foreign Powers.

These powers completely dominate Mining, Cotton, Coffee, Wood, Sugar, Fruits, Oil, etc., etc.

It is also known that the rich often dominate indirectly through investments, loans, credits, purchase of securities and share certificates, processing industry, land, air and maritime transport, insurance companies, etc.

Foreign millionaires earn extraordinary profits from the companies of the states that govern the underdeveloped countries.

The capital of the governments in the matter of yields always guarantees enormous interests on the loans, payments of share certificates of or bonds, that these State companies issue in favor of the powerful foreign millionaires.

The great powerful nations totally control the economic life of the Underdeveloped countries.

The rich enslave the poor workers and exploit them miserably with the full support of governments sold out to foreign powers.

The rich of the nation and the rich foreigners support each other and know very well what is to be done in each case.

Behind the true and legitimate Nominal Governments, there are the national and foreign masters, the large corporations, the rich and powerful of oil, etc., etc.

Certain foreign powers secretly choose the candidate for the presidency that best suits them in each of the underdeveloped countries, and the poor people go to the polls naively, deceived by the salaried leaders of the local Politics.

The rich support the state because the state is convenient for them, they know very well that without the support of the state they could not exploit the unfortunate workers.

The rich have placed inside the bureaucratic apparatus or better said, within the bureaucratic hive, certain drones that do not produce but do consume and harm.

The most serious thing is that these drones are fed and supported in their jobs with the money of the poor workers.

It is unfair to plunder the pockets of the working poor to sustain bureaucratic drones. If the rich require such drones, let them pay for them with their own money.

The workers do not have to support with the money of their work those drones that do not benefit them at all and which do them a great deal of harm.

Taking taxes from the pockets of the unfortunate, to sustain useless drones, is really a crime.


These apply to everything that workers have to buy or pay for: matches, lemonades, tickets, fabrics, shoes, vegetables, fruits, milk, medicines, housing rent, electricity, water, telephone, etc.., etc., etc.

A large percentage of the government’s income comes from these unjust taxes, this fact is the same in all the countries of Latin America.

These are the taxes on commerce and industry, or rights, products or use . The poor workers are the ones that have to pay the aforementioned taxes to support the drones of the bureaucratic hive.


The most frightful crime against poor workers is to tax their salaries, wages, fees, etc., in percentages that are rising every year and that reduce the standard of living of the workers of the muscle and of the brains.

The money that comes out of the pockets of the poor workers, serves for bad purposes, to support the drones of the bureaucratic apparatus.

The poor workers, the men of the plough, those who work on the public roads, the unfortunates who sweep the streets, etc.., etc., etc., they can not send their children to the universities because even the scholarships are for the children of the powerful.

On the other hand, their salaries are taxed, everything is taxed, to support the drones of the bureaucratic hive, which not only harms the people, but also discredits the whole bureaucratic hive.

We can not deny that the people need to cooperate with their taxes, contribute financially for the good of the nation, but fair taxes should be are established, that tax entertainment, vices, large fortunes, etc.

It is absurd to exploit the unfortunates to support the rich.

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