The raise in wages makes many inexperienced workers immediately happy.

The raise in wages is one more trick of capitalism, a trick to deceive the poor workers.

Every person with experience knows very well that when wages go up life becomes more expensive; the milk goes up in price, the meat goes up in prise, the bread goes up in price, the transportation systems go up in price, etc.., etc., etc.

There really is no point in raising wages if life gets worse, but naive workers rejoice, the innocent is innocent and only stops being innocent when they feel disappointed.

The most serious thing about this trick of rising wages is that it is detrimental to the people in general, because those workers who work in the service of private companies, or small independent traders, as well as in general all people who are not workers in the service of the state, they have to suffer the consequences of the high cost of living.

Usually the rise in wages is only for the bureaucratic apparatus; it is clear that the parasitic hive rejoices while the people in general have to support the high cost of living, rare is the time when the minimum wage is improved, and the worst thing is that many companies do not even accept the minimum wage and generally they pay the hungry and needy worker whatever they want.

If governments want to improve the lives of workers, improve the minimum wage. So that all workers are paid better and not only those of the bureaucratic apparatus.

It is urgent to improve the wages of all the workers who live in all the free countries, but also to control the prices of the markets to prevent the increase in the cost of living.

It is necessary to end the trick of raising wages, if you really want to improve the lives of workers then actually pay them better but do not fool them, it is unfair to cheat workers, they do not deserve to be fooled.

A Price Control Commitee is necessary, it is urgent that said Commitee have full powers and sufficient political force, if we really want it to be useful.

A price control commitee is useless if it does not have total powers and a police force to control the prices of the market, there is no use in a price control commitee that betrays the people selling itself to the powerful, the price control commitee must in turn be controlled to end the possibility of bribery.

We must put an end to the monpolizers who raise the cost of living . Really the monopolizers are committing horrible crimes against the people, they are the bringers of starvation to the masses. 

To starve the masses is an act of genocide; The Governments should establish severe laws against the monopolizers.

The humble farmers are those who benefit the least from their work, because of the terrible social organization that we now have they sell their products to the corporations that starve the masses, or to the private monopolizers.

The crime of monopolizing must also apply to the corporations that starve the masses.

Sadly, at present the powerful corporations that starve the people constitute cancerous tumors within government agencies. The current rulers are active members of the big corporations. This horrible evil can be found in all the countries of the free world.

When the people groan, when everyone covets money and more money, when the demands for the improvement of the salary rise to the sky as a clamor of the masses of workers, then comes the harmful trick of the raise in wages with the consequent increase of cost of living, this is how the powerful always deceive the suffering and miserably exploited poor people .

It is necessary for governments to understand that with this kind of harmful trick, the only thing that is achieved is to prepare the social soil so that the poisonous flower of communism germinates in it.

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