The Laws of Involution and Evolution mechanically process everything created . Many organisms are products of Evolution and many are products of Involution . Many species are the result of Evolution and many are the result of Involution.

These two mechanical laws are process everything mechanically, but they could never lead us to Intimate Self-Realization. We do not deny the existence of these two mechanical laws, we know that they exist, the bad thing is to attribute misconceptions to these laws. It is false that Evolution leads us to the Intimate Self-Realization. Whoever wants to self-realize requires a tremendous Revolution of Consciousness . Only the Revolution of Consciousness can lead us to Intimate Self-Realization.

Civilizations are processed in waves, there is Evolution in them as well as Involution. All civilization precedes and follows barbarism.

Sometimes civilization uses barbarism for its own defense, when barbarism dresses in the costumes of civilization it evolves wonderfully, but as long as it evolves it is always barbarism, the atomic bomb deep down is just an evolution of the arrow and spear; It is evolved barbarism.

It is very easy to confuse barbarism with civilization. Barbarism disguised with the costumes of civilization always ends up destroying civilization, before all civilization barbarism sleeps in its solitary cavern, happy with its bow and arrow; when the civilization of barbarism is born, it rejoices and begins to evolve, always trying to dress in the clothes of civilization. When barbarism becomes powerful, it terminates civilization, and after burying it, it returns to the cavern to caress its bow and arrow again.

Before the first civilizations of the Aryan race to which we belong appeared, there was a stone age, when the Aryan race disappears, a new stone age will return. The learned Einstein said that man will again take up the bow and arrow. We agree with that prophecy of the wise, because it is very certain and totally true, that barbarism is already totally and absolutely destroying the present civilization.

Every evolved arrow becomes an atomic bomb, when human beings abuse nuclear energy, the end of civilization has arrived and a race ends. The great races that preceded us ended with atomic bombs and great geological cataclysms.

The Atlanteans had the atomic bomb, the Lemurians also had it. Those continents ended and those races ended also, due to the abuse of atomic energy.

The races that make up the great Aryan race had many civilizations that barbarism destroyed, but the end of the great Aryan race only comes now in these present times, with the abuse of nuclear energy and the great cataclysms of nature.

Within every human being there lives side by side, there coexists, civilization and barbarism. We are civilized when we walk the path of the Social Christ.

We are barbarians when we do not march on the path of the Social Christ. We are civilized when we practice good, truth and justice. We are barbarians when we go down the dark road.

People are now more polarized with the negative pole, with barbarism. People now hate the positive pole, civilization, the good.

These are the times in which civilization is being devoured by barbarism. Soon civilization will have definitively died . Soon the barbarism will perform the funeral of civilization . The Times of the End have arrived.

Intelligence evolves with free individual initiative. Intelligence regresses, Involutes, without free individual initiative.

In a beehive or in an anthill there is no free individual initiative, the social perfection of a beehive or an anthill excludes reasoning and free individual initiative.

The automatic movements of bees and ants, they happen as the inheritance of a remote past which was intelligent and fruitful.

Bees and ants have a glorious ancestral past, the ancestors of these two species were those great superhuman beings that many religious legends speak of.

They made the first trials of Marxist socialism in remote epochs that the fanatics of Marxism-Leninism don’t even remotely know about. The trial was initially a success but in the end a failure.

The Stalins of that remote age were ignorant of the historical materialism that does not see beyond it’s nose, they organized their system with an iron fist, then the religions hindered those Lenins and those Stalins, and so naturally they decided to persecute the religions.

Thus, based on persecutions, dictatorships, prisons, etc., etc., etc., was established in that ancient archaic age a kind of USSR, where free individual initiative ceased to exist.

As a result of the end of free individual initiative the remaining intelligence left and the social movements, if at first they resulted from reasoning, afterwards became purely mechanical. Today one is amazed at the perfection of a beehive or an ant palace, but we regret that these small beings no longer have the glorious intelligence of other times.

Actually the intelligence of those creatures atrophied for lack of free individual initiative and later degenerated terribly as their bodies changed shape and reduced in size.

The size of ants and bees was that of giant humans, today these creatures after much regression, involution, have their current small and disconcerting size.

When television and radio, make a little more progress and can pick up the waves of the past and televise them, they will also be able televise the history of these two mentioned species; then our story will be demonstrated.

Currently the USSR is eager to mix the man with the monkey or ape.

One hundred women of the USSR were inseminated with gorilla or monkey semen, the creatures were born and died, however the trials continue… Now the problem is being studied and soon the specific way will be invented to allow the monkeys to live, thus the USSR will precipitate human degeneration, and if to this we add the lack of free initiative, what can we expect?

Already mankind went through all these trials in the past and the result is ants and bees.

Actually the current civilization is being swallowed up by barbarism and its death is already inevitable.

A new stone age is coming and the few survivors of this degenerating race will have to take up the bow and arrow again.

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