Ahimsa is a purely Indian thought, Nonviolence. Ahimsa is really inspired by universal love . Himsa means wanting to kill, wanting to harm, etc. Ahimsa, then, is the renunciation of any intention to bring about death or harm by violence.

Ahimsa is the opposite of selfishness. Ahimsa is altruism and absolute love. Ahimsa is right action.

Mahatma Gandhi made Ahimsa the support of his political doctrine . We follow in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi defined the policy of Ahimsa in this way: “Nonviolence does not consist of renouncing all real struggles against evil. Nonviolence, as I conceive it, establishes a more active campaign against evil than the law of the Talion, whose nature itself results in the development of perversity. I raise before the immoral a mental opposition, and consequently, a moral one. I try to whet the tyrants sword, not by clashing it against better sharpened steel, but by disappointing his hopes by not offering any physical resistance. He will find in me a resistance of the soul that will escape his assault. This resistance will first of all blind him and will immediately force him to surrender. And the act of surrender will not humiliate the aggressor but will dignify him. This could grow into an ideal state. And it is.”

The proletarian masses must unite completely if they really want to defeat the tyrants of capitalism and communism, the working masses must learn to fight, there is no more powerful weapon than the well-directed mind. 

The tyrants have atomic weapons, remote-controlled rockets, tear gas bombs to end the workers’ demonstrations, etc., but the working classes have the frying pan of the food held by the handle, the bourgeois classes could not live without eating, and the peasant is the one who feeds the powerful, the bourgeois classes could not live without shoes, without clothes, without technical services, etc., and the worker is the one who manufactures all that and who provides all those services .

The total or partial strikes are decisive, the workers have all the levers of power in their hands, the important thing is the workers’ union, the confederation of unions, etc., Union is Strength. It is necessary that the Gnostics do work in all the labour unions with the purpose of uniting the working classes.

The tyrants want to divide in order to destroy and enslave; divided people will be destroyed, divide to rule and enslave is the slogan of the tyrants; selfishness, betrayal, lack of fraternity, has divided the workers.

The ego, the ‘I’, the myself, is the one who disunites, betrays and establishes anarchy among workers. The self was not created by God, nor by the spirit, nor by matter; The self was created by our own mind and will cease to exist when we have fully understood it on all levels of the mind. Only through right action, right meditation, right faith, right will, right means of life, right effort, right mindfulness, can we dissolve the self, it is urgent to fully understand all this if we really want mystical death.

Do not confuse personality with the ‘I’. Actually the personality is formed during the seven years of childhood and the ‘I’ is the error that is perpetuated from century to century fortifying itself more and more with the mechanics of Recurrence . The personality is energetic. Born by habits, customs, ideas, etc.., during childhood it is fortified with the experiences of life and it slowly disintegrates after death.

The personality does not reincarnate, the personality is not the physical body. The ego uses the personality as an instrument of action. Personalism results from that mixture of ego and personality . The cult of personality was invented by the ego, by the ‘I’. Really personalism generates dictatorships, selfishness, hatred, violence, etc.., all that is rejected by Ahimsa.

Personalism totally spoils workers’ organizations . Personalism produces anarchy and confusion. Personalism morally ruins labour unions.

In each return, the ego creates a new personality. Each personality is different.

The personality is not the vital body. It is urgent to know how to live, when the self dissolves then the Great Reality comes to us, the true happiness, that which has no name.

Distinguish between the Being and the ego, the current man only has the ego, it is an ego but a pluralized type of ego. Man is an unfulfilled being, it is urgent to realize the Being, it is necessary to know that the Being is happiness without limits; we can call Being, Soul, Spirit, etc., but it is not the ego. It is absurd to say that the Being is the superior self, the divine self, etc. ., the Being is of universal and cosmic type, it cannot have the savour of ‘I’, of ego, of myself, let’s not try to divinize the ‘I’ (Satan).

Ahimsa is non-violence in thought, word and deed; Ahimsa is respect for the ideas of others, respect for all religions, schools, sects, organizations, etc.

The total union of the working classes would be impossible without the doctrine of Ahimsa. It is urgent that the workers learn how to mutually respect each other; it is urgent that the workers end all types of violence, only in this way is total union possible.

Do not expect the self to evolve because the self never becomes perfect ; The Devil is always a Devil and he never becomes perfect, we need a total Revolution of Consciousness. When the self dissolves there is a Revolution of Consciousness . That is the only kind of revolution that we accept.

The doctrine of Ahimsa is based on that kind of revolution.

As we die from moment to moment, concord among men slowly develops; As we die from moment to moment, the sense of cooperation totally displaces the sense of competition; as we die from moment to moment, good will gradually displaces ill will.

Men of good will accept Ahimsa; it is impossible to start a new order omitting the doctrine of non-violence.

Religions must start by setting a good example; religions must cultivate Ahimsa; it is absurd that religions are fighting each other; all religions have the same principles, all religions adore the Great Reality, that which has no name; all religions are precious pearls strung on the golden thread of the Divine. Religions have the mission of preserving eternal values.

Ahimsa should be cultivated in homes following the path of the perfect matrimony. Only with non-violence in thought, word and deed, can happiness reign in homes.

Ahimsa must be the basis of daily life, in the office, in the workshop, in the field, in the factory, in the home, etc.., we should live the doctrine of nonviolence.

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