Everyone suffers, everyone cries and people are now tired of suffering and crying, they want a radical change, poor people… they want everything to change and organize political parties, and raise flags and leaders, but things continue the same, circumstances may change but the results are always the same.

“The wind returns again according to its circuits… what has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done”.

This is the Law of Recurrence. Time is circular, and events repeat themselves, they happen again in their minute and in their hour, the earth revolves around the sun, the seasons always happen each year, the hours repeat themselves, and history also repeats itself.

The ego always returns to repeat the same thing, and the past becomes the future. There is no essential difference between the past and the future.

We are all tired of suffering and we want to change this order of things, but we can not really change anything, we can change the circumstances but the results will remain the same, we can change the cage but the cage is always cage, capitalist cage or communist cage, they are always cages, in any cage which we are stuck in we have to suffer inevitably, nothing can radically change while the individual has not made a radical inner change.

In order to change anything, a change must first occur within the individual; if we want the world to change, it is necessary first that the individual change internally in radical form.

We are stuck in a vicious circle and people do not know it, poor people.

People always repeat the same mistakes, the boatmen of the Volga rebelled against slavery and now the modern Bolsheviks try to mix human race with apes, monkeys, supposedly to create a new race of inferior type that performs all the work of men, that is, they want to create a slave race, the enemies of slavery now want a new kind of slavery.

One can be very learned and yet can be unable to change something, change requires different knowledge and also something that one does not possess.

When one is different, everything will be different, when one changes internally, everything will change.

This internal change requires understanding, it is urgent to deeply study the causes of suffering and, once those causes are discovered, to understand them on all the levels of the mind, only then we will achieve radical change.

If I am cruel, the world will be cruel, if I am ambitious, the world will be ambitious, because the individual is the world. If we want the world to change, the individual must change first. By radically changing the individual, it is logical that the world changes, because the latter is the extension of the individual.

Whoever wants to change needs to sacrifice something, many are the sacrifices that are needed to radically change. Everyone has something to sacrifice, except those definitively lost, these cannot even be helped.

To change it is necessary to know, to know we have to learn and to learn we have to make great sacrifices.

Really the individual only appreciates what has cost him sacrifice, radical change without sacrifices is absurd, all radical change requires sacrifice. That is The Law: everything costs, nothing is given to us, each one can only achieve the amount he has given for it.

There is no other way to achieve radical change, the Conscious Sacrifice is the only way.

Is Lust little to sacrifice? Pride? Laziness? Gluttony? Envy? Anger? Greed? etc.

Only by the way of sacrifice do we achieve radical change, history repeats itself and the ego always returns to repeat its same mistakes, and its same history, everything is repeated with the accuracy of a good clock and it is only possible to change this order of things by creating new causes.

If we really want new causes we urgently need supreme sacrifices. Only in this way do we achieve radical change, only in this way can we change this order of things to get out of the vicious circle which we are fatally stuck in.

The Law of Return and Recurrence is the Great Secret. Whoever comes to know this secret opens in his consciousness certain intimate doors.

With inner change we can use this knowledge for our own purposes. Really this secret can only be useful for those who resolve to change radically, unfortunate is the man who is satisfied with the state of consciousness in which he lives.

Change is the best; yet all radical absolute change is very expensive. The radical change is paid with one’s life. The beloved ego, the self, the myself must die, so that the BEING is born in us.

Only the BEING can do. Only the BEING has enough intimate power to really change this order of things in which we currently live.

The illusion of the Intellectual Animal is to believe that it can do, but nothing can be done for us within the vicious circle of time, everything is repeated with the accuracy of a good clock.

Who knows the great secret (the Laws of Return and Recurrence), must use it wisely, otherwise it will turn against himself and will inevitably roll to the abyss of inevitability.

He who comes to know the laws of return and recurrence knows that everything returns and comes and goes, and that events are repeated with the accuracy of a stopwatch within the circle of time.

Who already knows the great secret has very few lives ahead; possibilities are also exhausted and the law of Recurrence has a limit.

He who knows the great secret must make good use of time because the Laws of Recurrence and Return come to an end. Unfortunate is the one who does not know how to take advantage of the great secret.

He who knows the great secret must know that the incessant return to this valley of tears also has an end that can be catastrophic.

The lost are those who descend through the doors of recurrence in spirals increasingly lower and lower, those degenerates at last stop being born and are replaced by others who need to come to the world.

Many people want a special didactic for the dissolution of the beloved I. Is there perhaps a better didactic than that of life itself?

In living together with others we can self-discover. In our relations with all people our hidden defects jump out, emerge spontaneously and then we can see them if we want to see them.

The important thing is to analyse our defects when we discover them, and then through self-reflection and in-depth meditation, we can investigate the origin of such defects, and discover their secret springs in the different unconscious folds of the mind.

You can be sure, dear reader, that every defect discovered in its entirety inevitably ceases to exist, that is how we can die from moment to moment, thus the BEING is born from moment to moment.

Really only the Being can alter this order of things and create the true and legitimate democracy.

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