In these frightening and horrible moments of humanity, Latin America is politically disoriented and urgently needs an orientation.

LATIN AMERICA is a morsel much coveted by the two monsters of capitalism and communism.

The two beasts want to swallow us and we should not let ourselves be swallowed, we need to orient ourselves so as not to perish.

The founding of the LATIN AMERICAN SOCIALIST PARTY (POSCLA) was in fact an urgent need.

In my capacity as FOUNDING CHAIRMAN of the SOCIALIST CHRISTIAN PARTY OF LATIN AMERICAN, I have written this book to guide public opinion throughout Latin America.

CAPITALISM AND COMMUNISM are currently fighting for the domination of Latin America and both resort in these moments to intense propaganda, to the falsification of facts, to threats, to the DIPLOMACY, to deceit, to cunning, to outwardly disinterested economic help with unspeakable purposes, etc.., etc., etc.

There are grand moments of humanity and this is one of those, we are facing the dilemma of to be or not to be of philosophy, one step back and we are lost.

We need a true intimate transformation if we really want to fulfil the sacred mission entrusted to us, which is to initiate the New Age.

If the masters of Capital believe that the future of the World will be Capitalism, they are totally mistaken.

If the tyrants of the Kremlin suppose that the future of the World will be ABOMINABLE COMMUNISM, they are in fact totally mistaken.

LATIN AMERICAN CHRISTIAN SOCIALISM is of a completely new type, it does not accept violence, it is against war, it rejects revolutions of blood and liqour.

Our position is absolutely independent. The Christian Socialist Party has no weapons other than INTELLIGENCE, no systems other than WISDOM.

Our movement is essentially Christian, and is composed of men and women of good will.

There will be a NOVUS ORDO SECULORUM, a new order of the ages, initiated by Latin America and Latin American Christian Socialism.

The New Culture will be synthetic and Latin America, with its Christian Socialism which is essentially Latin American, will fulfil in the world a mission of synthesis.

The butchers of Soviet communism have laid a solid foundation in Cuba for the purpose of Sovietizing America, Fidel Castro Ruz wants to repeat in Latin America the tragic and bloody episodes of Stalin, Lenin, and the butchery of Hungary.

The moment in which we live is very dangerous, and if we do not orient ourselves wisely then we are lost.

In this book we have analyzed and reduced to dust the fundamental principles of the Marxist Dialectic.

Really DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM does not resist an in-depth analysis, it is trash.

If Karl Marx managed to infect Europe and Asia with his cheap sophistry, with us he failed to do so, because Latin America has another race and people.

We Latin Americans cannot be forced to take communion with Soviet hosts.

Karl Marx managed to dazzle Europe with his cheap sophistry, but we Latin Americans are not dazzled because we are already mature.

We are free and we want to live free, without dictatorships of the extreme right or extreme left, without spies, without concentration camps, without new Siberias.

My great friend, the illustrious Mr. Licenciado Don Alejandro Salas y Linares, said: that only by demonstrating the falsity of the Marxist Dialectic, and putting the Fundamental Principles of GNOSTICISM on the table of the moment, can the New Age really begin in the world.

The distinguished politician and man of letters was not far from the truth. Christian Socialism is in this book demonstrating to humanity the tremendous falsehood of the MATERIALISTIC Dialectic.

We need to create true democracy, and this is only possible based on dynamic Christianity, on dialectical Christianity.

Marx against the Christ, however, Marx could not even serve to clean the dust off the sandals of the Christ.

The dialectic of Marx convinces the imbeciles, the eunuchs of the will, the tyrants of the extreme left.

We Latin Americans cannot be convinced by Marxist jargon, take that story to some other people! We are mature people.

We go to the facts, to the point, we do not like to live dreaming of Soviet paradises.

This book is eminently practical, essentially ethical and deeply philosophical and scientific.

If they make fun of this book, if they criticize us, if they insult us, What does it matter to science and what does it matter to us?

He who laughs at what he is ignorant of is on the road of being an idiot . This book goes to the battlefield like a terrible lion, to unmask the traitors and disconcert the tyrants before the solemn verdict of public consciousness.

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