We have witnessed in long nights, so many hungry and naked children, on the streets of the GREAT CITIES anxiously searching for shelter for the night. We have seen them under dirty newspapers outside the luxurious METROPOLIS. We still hear their voices ringing in our ears, the innocent words of these miserable children “BROTHER, COVER US UP BECAUSE THE MOON IS BAD FOR US” Poor things… poor things… poor things…

They do not have the expensive toys that bring so much joy to the well cared for children, for them there are no toys or Christmas parties, for them there are no comforting words that say “my child”. When these poor children of the street arrive at a luxurious mansion pleading for bread, the elegant dogs that are better looked after than them, bark and the maid of the house shouts from the door “VAGABONDS, GO TO WORK, DON’T ANNOY US, if you continue bothering us I will call the police and they will take you away”.

Sometimes the great gentlemen throw them a coin or the elegant ladies that proudly walk through the streets give them a piece of bread or a sweet, afterwards feeling immensely satisfied at their great charity.

We have seen the poor children of the street desperately pleading with the police that follow them to take them away to prison or in the best of cases to an orphanage, which is just as bad as the worst kind of prison. Compassion does not exist for these unhappy children that, orphaned, walk the streets, hungry and naked. For them there are no luxurious colleges or beautiful clothes.

In reality, the cruelty that each human being carries inside expresses itself outside as a lack of legitimate charity for the abandoned. The individual is cruel and evil and so is the society that he has created. When will we see the day in which groups of truly charitable men and women will come together and offer these poor children, elegant and beautiful homes, colleges and resplendent dining rooms? When? When? When?…

Only when the individual becomes aware of his own cruelty, only when we comprehend that we are SELFISH AND CRUEL. We should not justify cruelty. We should not condemn cruelty. If we justify cruelty we reinforce it. If we condemn cruelty it disappears from the surface of the mind and submerges into the depths of the mind, assuming new characteristics and forms of expression. It is indispensable to profoundly comprehend cruelty in all levels of the consciousness. This is the only way that cruelty will disappear, this is the only way that something new and spontaneous will be born within us, this something is true conscious charity.

It is indispensable that groups of truly charitable people associate to work for abandoned and afflicted children. This is the only way it is possible to provide these poor infants bread, clothing and shelter. This is the only way it is possible to open colleges for these abandoned children. These lovely children are also human beings. They are no less than anyone else, they are as human as rich children, they are as lovely as the beautiful elegant children. They have the same rights as the rich and society should recognise these rights. The cruelty towards these children does not warrant justification.

The devotees of all religions, the brothers of all schools, orders, loges and occult societies could take the initiative and come together to resolve this problem of the abandoned children.

The hour has arrived to practice the charity taught by the masters and priests of all ages. The words that they spoke amidst the cooing of doves under the sacred gateways of all the temples should now be converted into concrete reality.

Conscious charity is the miraculous balm that can console our pained heart.

How painful is it to see poor and dirty children, miserable and barefoot, walking in the luxurious streets of the metropolis. The members of all religions, the devotees of all sects, the workers of all factories, the people of all industries should come together and work for these unhappy children.

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