In a Mexican daily paper we saw an article called “IT WAS HIS DESTINY TO DIE TORN APART.”

The text of the article said;

“A half-man, he didn’t have legs, only 2 pathetic stumps, consequence of being hit by a train some time ago, he who in life was called Fernando Contreras Moran was converted into a bloody mass when he was run over last night on the corner of Claudio Bernard Street and Dr Barragan Street by a heavy vehicle driven by a drunk called Manuel Zamudio Martinez who has been detained in the 6th delegation.

“From what can be seen the destiny of this man was marked. Twenty years ago a train had amputated his legs when he fell under its wheels on the track at Tlalpanâ.

“And not far away from where that first terrible accident occurred was where he met with his frightful end.”

Thus finishes the text of the fatal article. The journalist plays prophet and mentions the Law of Destiny, believing the destiny of this unhappy man was to die torn in pieces. We do not negate the Law of Cause and Effect but it is difficult for a simple journalist to know if this type of tragedy is the result of the law of destiny or the law of accidents. It is absurd to say in a prophetic tone that all accidents figure in our horoscope and that destiny is their secret cause.

Certainly many accidents are a result of destiny but not all accidents are a result of destiny. In reality 99% of road accidents are a product of imprudence. It seems incredible that a poor man like the fellow mentioned in this tragedy have not managed to alter even minimally the laws of transit and circulation. It is barely believable that that human society is so cruel and heartless. A life full of tragedy with such a fatal conclusion was not sufficient to move the heart of human society.

A man who could have made a home, a man that could have been useful to society was condemned to die disgracefully and also to live in disgrace without there being, as a consequence, any modification of the transport system in the streets of the city. This demonstrates clearly the level of irresponsibility in which humanity finds itself.

A famous writer considered that the quantity of deaths due to accidents of transit (according to annual statistics) is equivalent to the millions of deaths in the First World War. This appears incredible but everything continues the same, nothing changes. The accidents continue daily without human society making even a minimum effort to stop them. To people this appears natural, even normal. In reality this is only possible in people that are asleep, indolent and cruel.

We should recognize that human beings have not woken up yet. They have their consciousness asleep, only in this way can we explain why this barbarism doesn’t change. This shouldn’t, however, be an excuse to continue with this murder by accidents. The time has arrived to comprehend that we are cruel and heartless. When we profoundly comprehend that we are cruel and heartless then in a spontaneous form compassion can arise within us.

In part the governments of the Earth are responsible for all these painful tragedies related to transport and in part they are not responsible. If society is cruel and heartless then the governments will also be cruel and heartless. In synthesis we can affirm that society is the extension of the individual and that government is the extension of society. The government represents the people. As are the people so are the governments. When we visited a certain country that had lived for many years under the boot of a terrible military dictator we could observe with astonishment that each head of family was a dictator in his own house.

If there was a country on Earth with truly responsible individuals that respected human life we could be sure that they would have a wise government that would truly respect the life of each citizen. A truly just government would establish wise laws to control the systems of circulation and transit in the cities.

Today the cities are full of traffic congestion; cars, trains and multitudes of people. Daily there are heartbreaking scenes, Mothers that die with their children in heir arms, mown down by the machines that drive in a rush around the city streets. Children, old people, invalids etc. fall under the wheels of the vehicles. There is no pity for anyone. There is not one atom of compassion. No-one is worth anything in the city.

It is possible to write moving episodes, painful dramas about the things that occur daily in urban life with road accidents. Beings that lived happily, noble wives, mothers that adore their children and respectful men have all been the victims of cars and trams. Many homes have been left with orphans… widows… desolation, this is the result of transport accidents but despite this all continues as before and all appears most natural. The systems of circulation and transit are not modified.

No-one feels the pain of another, no-one gives importance to the suffering of his fellow humans. The individual only remembers that that these painful accidents exist when it happens to him. When this happens he blames all the world, protests and blasphemes etc. This is the way of the world, full of people with their CONSCIOUSNESS ASLEEP. They live in a complete state of stupidity. No-one wants to see their own cruelty and indolence.

If each individual of human society became more understanding and understood profoundly his own cruelty then charity would arise in each heart and this charity would manifest in collective actions and complete reforms of the transport systems.

The streets should be for the pedestrians. The movement of vehicles could be made subterranean or overhead in this way there wouldn’t be so many tragedies and disgraces. In this form there would not be men cut in half or dying as in the case of the unhappy man cited at the beginning of this chapter.

It is very true that people walk around the streets absorbed in their own thoughts. This is the cause of many accidents. We can’t deny that humans are asleep and walk through the streets like sleepwalkers, profoundly dreaming. All this is very true but for this reason it is urgent to reform the transport systems.

The drivers demand that the pedestrians walk around alert and vigilant in order to avoid accidents. That the drivers of vehicles wish for this is marvellous but the reality is different. All the world lives absorbed in his thoughts, everyone walks around dreaming. Even those that live more awake, who have learnt to be more prudent and take care when they cross the streets etc. have moments in which they don’t remember that cars exist. One instant like this, one moment of forgetfulness is enough for us to fall under the wheels of a car.

That this type of accident occurred in the beginning when the age of the auto mobile began is more or less normal but that which is not normal and is, in fact, absurd and stupid is that now in the 20th Century with cars of the latest model, there are many barbarities of this type, completely unsuspected by the Cannibals of Africa. Cannibals kill to eat. They do it for the wild instinct of conservation, that is all. The civilized drivers of vehicles, however, kill because they are in a rush, because of imprudence, stupidity, lack of respect for life. They are worse than cannibals.

A man that is truly awake and truly responsible would do anything in life except drive a car in the city streets. Only to the asleep, only to the negligent, would it occur to drive a car among the human multitudes

Really the city streets and the systems of transit and circulation are now outdated. It is stupid and absurd to mix the circulation of the multitudes with the circulation of vehicles. Human civilization becomes ridiculous when we see desperate people trying to cross the road, running from the killer wheel or groups of humans on corners pleading for an opportunity to cross the street. All of this is a lack of civilization, all of this shows a lack of culture in the peoples of the Earth, all of this shows a lack of intelligence. It would only occur to a madman or an idiot that all of this is good.

We believe that subterranean roads in the urban areas would be a solution to this GREAT PROBLEM.

It is useless to blame pedestrians for all the transport accidents. They have not awoken their consciousness yet and walk around dreaming, absorbed in their problems. They forget frequently that cars exist. It is also useless to blame the drivers. We should take into account that they are also asleep. They haven’t awoken their consciousness either.

The best, the most intelligent, the most logical thing is to make technical reforms to the transport systems.

All the religions, orders, sects and schools of Divine Wisdom could demonstrate their charity by working with the governments of the Earth to help this suffering humanity. It is necessary to make the solution to this problem and this is the moment indicated to demonstrate through action love for our fellow humans.

In practice we have seen that viaducts which enable cars to pass at a higher level have given excellent results. The viaducts, apart from relieving traffic congestion in the streets and saving many lives, are also useful for fast transport.

There is an urgent necessity for a special invention for the saving of lives and the avoidance of crashes between vehicles. It is our opinion that all vehicles, whether used on land, air or sea should have a centrifugal force that pushes any person, machine or thing that threatens an inevitable crash, out of its field of action.

We firmly believe that the time has arrived to learn to use solar energy wisely in order to run our cars, ships and planes etc. We know well that mineral and vegetable fuels are damaging for all organisms.

It is necessary that all crossroads and corners be better organized in order to avoid accidents.

It is absurd that drunks and immature youths should drive cars. The authorities should take severe measures against such cases of moral irresponsibility.

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