Today, the Venerable Master SAMAEL AUN WEOR has taught us that almost one hundred percent of humans live unconsciously because they have great legions of EGOS.

The powerful believe that they will destroy us with their atomic bombs, but it is them that are going to be destroyed.

EGOS can be destroyed with the Revolution, with the Revolution of the SOCIAL CHRIST. Revolution not of blood and liqour, nor of violence, with the Revolution of A-HIMSA. The Revolution against the collective ego of the powerful.

The Venerable Master has given us a powerful weapon to combat that ego, and that weapon is “The Social Christ” and “The Social Transformation of Humanity”.

These weapons are swords to fight for our Social Freedom.

In this work he teaches us to combine the spiritual with the economic. Some will ask why the Master combines some things with others, we say that to be in harmony with the Infinite is needed: to fulfill first the duties of husband, of Father, civic duties, and duties to God.

The Great Initiates have been Revolutionary and these times are when a Social Revolution is most needed in favor of poor suffering Humanity.

We are in the time of Revolution and we want an integral freedom.

In this work the Master tells the truth, and the wicked do not like to be told the truth. Let those who laugh, laugh, orders are being fulfilled and what do we care what they say? In these times the truth cannot be kept quiet even if it is harsh. It is time for the masters of the world to learn the lesson.

Humanity does not accept that there is an Avatar because it is not convenient that there are redeemers, and it was written for this age that for these times an Avatar had to come, to teach the fifth truth and Social welfare, the pain of Humanity. We have to transform the world and for that we need “The Social Transformation of Humanity”.

We are in the time of BEING or not BEING. Either we are cold or we are hot, or forward or backward, we go to the facts, to the point.

CHRIST was killed by the powerful of the time, and even treated as crazy, because Humanity does not accept Redeemers.

Brothers; our Supreme Commander invites us to read and practice this Eminently Ethical, Scientific and Philosophical book. Science must be made Religious and Religion Scientific, for the Balance of the World. While there is no such equilibrium Human evolution will not take a step forward.

If we truly want a social change of humanity, it is necessary for the individual to change. The individual is the humanity.

For the individual it is a great pain to leave his beloved EGOS. How he loves them!

Feeds them. For the greedy ego the systems of the Orient and the Occident want to destroy themselves.

We Latinos are the bread the Systems desire. We Latinos are Religious and also Revolutionary, with both combined we will not allow ourselves to be conquered by any Antireligious system, nor any Materialist Revolutionary.

There are two kinds of Revolutions, that of violence and that of NONVIOLENCE. The positive and the negative. Do not be confused, by their actions ye shall know them.

Therefore, when systems go to war, we have already captured the sword of Freedom.

For humanity to change it is necessary for the individual to change, for the individual to change it is necessary to cast out the “I”, to cast out the “I” one must fight it with the atomic energies of the Virtues : Humility, Generosity, Chastity, Patience, Temperance, Charity, and Diligence. With these Virtues we fight each one of the “I”s one by one. Example: If your “I” is Lustful, be chaste, If you are angry, be patient, calm, cheerful. If you are greedy, be Laborious, etc., etc., etc.


Rational and irrational. The individual is rational. Rational is the being that reasons, Irrational is the one that lacks reason. But this is not the case, the case is to leave the animal state. With reason or with intellect we are animals, to get out of this animal state, you have to start by evicting those “I”s from the reasoning.

Animal is beast, brutality, Psychological “I”, etc., etc.

And what is the Psychological “I”? The Psychological “I” is the animal that is in the physical body and that certain individuals call devil. The Christ did not have it, that is why he said, “I am the way, the truth and the Life”. Cast out the Psychological, begot the Divine, the Atom NOUS.

The lack of consciousness of humanity treats the true conscious ones as crazy because they speak the naked truth and because they do not agree with their evil; Thanks to the Paladins and Commandants, Venerable Masters Samael Aun Weor and Gargha Kuichines have unearthed from nature the Mysteries of the beyond, the Science of Loving and now the Social Transformation of Humanity.

We are on the verge of the great world catastrophe, a step back, a fall and to the abyss, then we can no longer complain, the wise soldier does not die in war. And with weeping and gnashing of teeth we will not be able to transcend.

ANDRÉS CABEZA CH. Bucaramanga, May 11 of 1965.

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