The living room of the house is more beautiful with new and fine furniture, the old and rancid prefer to reform the old, are conservative, regressive and backward.

We prefer new clothes, we love to transform the clothes, we know many people who prefer to mend their old clothes, those people are reformers par excellence.

The reactionaries love to REFORM, the REVOLUTIONARIES find it wonderful to TRANSFORM.

Social reform is the modified continuation of error, we prefer to fight for the SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION OF HUMANITY.

The type of the REFORMER is worthy of pity, every reformer presumes himself to be brilliant, ignores that he is mending old rags.

The reformer is eaten by the moth of the past but he wants to modify what is rotten because he is one hundred percent conservative and reactionary.

The projects of the REFORMERS smell like the senility of the old and decrepit . The Society is full of REFORMERS, everyone wants to reform themselves in their own way.

The employee at the counter wants to be a manager, the soldier wants to go through a total reform and become a general, the street vendor wants to become the owner of a warehouse, etc.., etc., etc., everyone wants to modify their life, to reform it.

REFORMERS abound everywhere but TRANSFORMERS are missing, people love the easy and TRANSFORMATION is very difficult.

The current society, obsolete and degenerate, lives from Reform to Reform and that’s what they call progress, culture, evolution, etc., even when thousands of people perish in destitution.

The KNOW-IT-ALLS of this time are the result of many REFORMS and as is natural they presume to be SUPERCIVILIZED and ULTRAMODERN, even when they are not able to manufacture an artificial vegetal seed with the possibility of becoming a tree.

The men of the “OLD GUARD”, and the “REBELS OF THE NEW WAVE” live in conflict, but these little gentlemen of ROCK MUSIC are but the modified continuation of the old wrong customs.

The People live a sedentary life, automatic, mechanical and boring, and want to modify it, reform it, to continue with it but in a different way.

Human Reason is no longer able to think spontaneously, it is degenerate and only repeats like cassette players or parrots, everything that is stored in the cellar of memory.

When someone challenges us, immediately we respond with what we have stored in memory, but if this fails we are lost because we are no longer able to answer.

Memory seems to be rather a sepulchre of ideas, memories, theories, etc.

Thought is the vain flame that comes out of that grave.

The modern society thinks itself very advanced but it is in reality stagnant.

The Reformers do nothing but move and remove the sewage from the well, the Reformers do not like new waters.

The False Education that children receive, the decadent and even evil art, the malign example of the Elders, etc.., they have made every modern citizen a laughable super civilized KNOW-IT-ALL.

All human beings are interacting with each other and from this Inter-relationship the Society results, if the individual stagnates and becomes corrupt, it is clear that society will stagnate and corrupt.

The Reformers want to modify what is corrupt, rotten, the reform is the modified continuation of the error.

We need a SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION, a Radical, Total and definitive transformation is urgent.

The fundamental cause of individual and social stagnation is in the mind.

We are rancid, clumsy, foolish, because we live at all hours reasoning stupidities that seems to us brilliant, and nonsense without any sense, we believe ourselves very wise because at all times we are comparing, judging, calculating, weighing, etc., etc., etc.

If we really want to TRANSFORM TOTALLY we need to exhaust the process of thinking, not elaborate, not project more, reach calm and total silence of thought.

If we really want to break out from these stupid messes of the mind, we need to LOVE; only TRUE LOVE can radically transform us.

LOVE’S substance produces permanent REVOLUTION: LOVE’S substance causes Radical changes.

LOVE is not the product of the unfaithful memory, LOVE can never be the product of MECHANICAL REASONING.



No Social Reformer can ever make a better world; only the fire of love can burn the social putrefaction and make a better world.

We need the CONFLAGRATION of LOVE to Transform the World, we need fire of LOVE to illuminate society.

The cold, insipid, complicated Codes, they do not change anything, they do not transform anything. All the best social projects, all the best political principles, are not useful if they are not written with the fire of LOVE.

THE TRUE REVOLUTION is the result of TRANSFORMATION, only the storms of love can transform the Individual and the Society.

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