We need to have FAITH in Latin American Democracy, but CONSCIOUS FAITH, not only blind FAITH.

Unfortunately in these moments of World crisis, there is doubt in our continent about the positive effectiveness of this form of coexistence.

Hurricane winds of REVOLUTION whip in these instants our beloved land LATIN AMERICA.

People are dissatisfied and anguished, there is hunger and hungry people do not believe in DEMOCRACY.

THE SOCIAL-ECONOMIC STATE OF AMERICA is disastrous, and the POLITICAL STATE is cruel and ruthless.

DEMOCRACY develops DIALECTICALLY, and if we want to comprehensively understand its ESSENCE and its PHILOSOPHY we must study it deeply.

It is absurd to say that Democracy has developed correctly, the reality is that Democracy today is just an IDEAL, a longing, a goal where we want to arrive sooner or later.

If we really love Democracy we should not have blind FAITH, we need to open our eyes to the reality of life and have FAITH, a lot of FAITH, but CONSCIOUS FAITH.

The LATIN AMERICAN DEMOCRACY has its flaws, its dangers, its poisons and also its antidotes, to point them out, to indicate them, is really our duty.

It is URGENT, it is necessary to study the various ingredients contained in that GOLDEN CUP that is called DEMOCRACY.

DEMOCRACY is not the Government of the Minority. DEMOCRACY is not the Government of the Majority. DEMOCRACY is the Government of all, in which Majorities and Minorities are wisely reflected.

The Society is the extension of the individual, and what is the individual, is the society.

If we truly want a Society of free men, we need the individual to become free.

We can not intelligently conceive of a perfect society, owner of its own destinies, if the individual is not perfect and master of his own destinies.

We CANNOT conceive a society without governments while the individual does not know how to govern himself.

The Supreme Democratic aspiration is a World without Governments.

The current INDIVIDUAL does not know how to govern himself and therefore needs to be governed.

The true holder of public power is the people as a whole and not one or several predestined.

We do NOT deny that power can be delegated, but we do affirm that power is a concession of the People.

The Democratic idea is compatible with all forms of Democratic Government.

The Democratic Idea is NOT compatible with the forms of Totalitarian Governments, whether they are extreme right or extreme left.

Democracy is something more than a Government, Democracy is the social order wisely established by free men and women.

When Democracy reaches Perfection, governments will disappear as useless and unnecessary.

Democracy is the People wisely organized. Democracy is not the mistaken support that the deceived people give to a Dictator-for-Life .

Democracy is the conscious state of every truly free man.

We can not conceive Democracy without humanistic LONGINGS.

We cannot conceive of democracy without Social Guarantees.

The Democratic State is the agent in all the activities of the people.

The democratic Government depends on the Will of the People.

Dictatorships of Extreme Right or Extreme Left drown public opinion in blood.

Democracy can never be a STATIC state, Democracy is essentially DYNAMIC.

Democracy cannot be framed within a rigid mold. DEMOCRACY cannot be bottled. Democracy must flow freely with the gentle flow of Thought.

We must point out that until now in Latin America, democracy is only a yearning, a hope, an ideal and nothing else.


LATIN AMERICA is a beautiful girl who walks the path of life, but two horrible MONSTERS lurk in the depth of the forest…, the names of those two Monsters are: CAPITALISM and COMMUNISM.

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