On the type of individual relationships, depends the type of Society, the type of Government depends on the type of Society.

The Society and the Government are really the Extension of the Individual, if the Individual is cruel, selfish, greedy, envious, etc., So it will be in is relationships, so he will behave with others, and so will others behave with him, then it is logical that the Society will be cruel, selfish, greedy, envious, etc.., etc., etc.

If we wholeheartedly want a just and perfect Government, we need to finish with the PSYCHOLOGICAL “I”.

The “I” is a knot in the cosmic energy, a knot that must be untied.

The “I” is a bundle of appetites, desires, fears, selfishness, hatred, cruelty, pride, greed, avarice, etc.., etc., etc.

The “I” sabotages the Revolutionary order, the “I” generates pain and misery everywhere.

The type of social relations determines the type of Society and the type of Society is the determining factor of the type of Government.

If the type of social relations is selfish, greedy, cruel and ruthless, so will be the type of SOCIETY and the type of GOVERNMENT.

We need to create in Latin America a classless society, that is only possible by dissolving the PSYCHOLOGICAL “I”, understanding very thoroughly what is the Process of Pride, what is the process of greed, envy, hatred, selfishness, etc.., etc., etc.

We need to be sincere with ourselves if we really want a better World.

Charity is not something that we can put on the table, charity does not exist, LOVE is not something else that we can put on the table. LOVE does not exist, Altruism is not something that we can put on the table, altruism does not exist.

Really only with COMPREHENSION can we acquire these virtues, it is logical that if we fully understand that we are cruel, charity is born in us; if we really understand that we are people full of HATE, LOVE is born in us, and if we understand the evil we do with SELFISHNESS, ALTRUISM is born in us.

We need to transform the Social Structure, we need a classless Society, and that is only possible by ending the factors that produce exploitation of man by man, these factors are within ourselves.

It is clear that there are many formulas to create a better world, but all these formulas will be useless if the Ego sabotages them with the discord of greed, selfishness, exploitation, envy, pride, etc.., etc., etc.

We need to transform the LATIN AMERICAN Social Structure and for this we must begin by transforming ourselves, it is impossible to transform the Society if the Individual does not transform himself.

We must use saving formulas to transform the Latin American Social structure, but we must also produce a radical and definitive change within our own minds.

There are many dynamic and useful elements within the Human Society that our Social structure miserably smothers, so the Society loses many talents and aptitudes.

The cultural structures of all Latin America have cut off the wings of many Geniuses.

We need less rigid rules and more social mobility, only in this way is the ongoing REVOLUTION possible.

Political Economy has totally failed, an administrative economy is needed.

The social structure of Latin America, with its absurd rigidity, is an obstacle for Social Mobility and economic development.

The wonderful resources of Intelligence are being lost in Latin America due to the scarce possibilities of cultivating it.

New Universities are needed for New Professions, the classical professions are already too exploited.

A broad and multifaceted education is needed, direct and useful, opportunities are needed for the cultivation of all Intelligences, it is absurd not to cultivate all intelligences.

We need specialists of all kinds in the workforce if we really want to wisely develop our economy.

A plastic, elastic, ductile education, susceptible to adaptation to all the circumstances of practical life, is needed.

A new type of education is needed according with the new age, a really Democratic education is needed.

Primary and secondary schools must produce technical specialists in all types of work, not high school graduates with hunger unprepared to make a living.

The national economy cannot grow when it lacks professionals and technicians in sufficient quantity.

Forty percent of the Latin American population is Illiterate.

Fifty percent of Latin American children cannot be educated due to lack of Schools of Public Education.

In the next twenty-five years, ninety million people must be incorporated into the labor force, twenty-five million will come to replace those who die or retire from work, sixty-five million new people will need jobs and possibilities to work.

The Latin American Governments must prepare themselves to resolve the problem of the tremendous increase of the population in each country.

The Old Universities with the already classic professions of Doctors, lawyers and Engineers, are now antiquated and backward because the population is increasing in alarming proportions, and not all human beings have a vocation for those classic professions.

New Universities are needed for new professions, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the new Age.

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