The industrialization of LATIN AMERICA is not incompatible with the efficient development of primary production.

LATIN AMERICA needs modern machinery, instruments of work, and technicians in sufficient quantity to develop industry and raise the standard of living.

If Latin America wants to raise the standard of living, it needs to take advantage of all the advances of modern technology and produce technicians on a large scale.

It is also necessary to intensify agriculture and industrialize the field, taking advantage of all the advances of modern technology.

In countries where the per capita income is less than One Hundred Dollars, the value added by companies in the primary sector represents a high percentage of national income that exceeds forty percent, while the tertiary sector represents thirty percent. percent or so, and that of the secondary sector less than twenty percent. Hence the importance of agriculture in all developing countries.

The income of the peasant people, (people exploited and humiliated by the powerful), is lower than that of the citizens of all other sectors of the nations.

To eighty or ninety percent of the agricultural population corresponds half of the national income.

The agrarian structures of Latin America are inadequate for the new age, it requires an agrarian transformation and very good technique, to use wisely all the natural resources.

The low agricultural productivity and the shortage of occupation for the man of the field, are due to the very bad agrarian structures.

Agricultural resources are one thing and capital is another. The natural resources have their position and geographic extension.

Really the natural resources have the characteristic of becoming exhausted in some sense.

Capital could not be exhausted, a capital can be awaited indefinitely without being exhausted, a million dollars can be stored in the bank for a long time without running out, and earning interest.

On the other hand, natural resources are eventually depleted, any oil mine becomes depleted, any silver, gold or copper mine is exhausted.

Farming lands eventually become impoverished and depleted, fish stocks have a limit and at the end, because of their scarcity, the fish is put at prohibitive prices.

The technological processes are inconceivable without the material resources, these resources have variable degrees of manufacture and transport until they totally become consumer goods and services.

The economic activity is intimately connected with all the resource industries, if we want to improve the economic situation of all the countries of LATIN AMERICA. We need to industrialize them on a grand scale.

It is necessary to start by intensifying the resource industry and then culminate with diversified industrial development.

The peasant people of Latin America began the Initial stage of the Resource Industry many centuries ago and urgently need to reach diversified Industrialization.

Keep in mind that the national income of each Latin American country has fluctuated in recent years between forty and sixty percent annually being of the resource industry.

In the United States the thirteen percent annual of national income conceived by the resource industry, is indicating that the United States has reached diversified industrial development.

In other words we will say that while in Latin America almost all the work is done by the arms of the workers, in the United States most of the work is done by machines.

While in Latin America we have to buy planes, ships, cars and machinery abroad, in the United States everything is manufactured.

It is logical that if we Latin Americans want to reach the development of diversified industry, we urgently need improvements in agriculture and Livestock, and other basic industries.

It is impossible to successfully build a building without a good foundation, so it is also impossible to reach diversified industrial development if we do not organize the bases, only by the foundations do we reach the top.

We need to export raw materials to obtain other raw materials, we need to export basic products and import basic products, that’s Logical.

It is urgent to understand that we should not try to grow at the expense of foreign trade, we should only extract from foreign trade the necessary elements for internal development and that is all.

If we forget this idea of interior growth and only think of growing at the expense of foreign trade, we will always be slaves of foreign powers.

The entire national capital must be used for the benefit of the nation and not only for the selfish benefit of a privileged few.

Each country must be industrialized, money must be used to improve the standard of living of hungry people.

There should be spent, or better said, INVESTED, large sums in the different industrial branches, primary and services, to improve the economic situation of each Latin American country.

The governments need to wisely accumulate large capitals with the purpose of distributing them intelligently in industrial investments.

It is necessary to regulate better, and even limit the importation of unnecessary luxury items, which means wasteful use of Latin American capital.

We need internal savings to achieve total industrialization.

We need to grow inwardly along the path of industrialization, only then will we be able to emancipate ourselves from foreign masters.

The Great Foreign Powers exercise colonialist action by having the Latin American countries be producers of raw materials, in a primary state of economy without being allowed to develop.

We urgently need to achieve the parity and stabilization of the prices of the raw materials we export, because only then can we achieve industrialization and the acquisition of all kinds of machinery.

While the prices of all the products we export continue to oscillate and with an increasing tendency to fall, agricultural production will be poor due to lack of agricultural machinery, and all industry, and all national progress, will be poor and mediocre.

Each country is a house that must be well supplied, and only supplies itself with money, and only has money from selling its products well.

If the inhabitants of the house do not have money, the house will be poor and miserable, it is necessary to sell our export products well, if we want to have a rich and strong national house.

Latin America needs multilateral and diversified trade for its economic development.

Latin America needs Free International Trade and without absurd obstacles, without exploitative customs.

The Customs system is damaging free trade and hampering the economic development of each country.

FREE LATIN AMERICAN TRADE without customs of any kind would allow merchants large and small to make life cheaper by selling cheap.

In other times the frontiers and roads were full of assailants who robbed the stagecoaches and killed the travelers, now the borders are full of uniformed bandits that assault the travelers and rob them with the approval of the Governments.

The Customs system invented by the SECRET ENEMY and the BLACK MAGISTRACY, is uniformed banditry.

We need the stabilization of the prices of basic products, the adjustment of the productive structures that the stabilization of the prices demands is a problem that must be solved by buyers and producers in mutual agreement.

It is also necessary that the developed countries buy equally from all the underdeveloped countries, without having preferences for those unquestioning countries that are within their sphere of influence.

It is necessary that the Great Powers facilitate the underdeveloped countries to export all their raw materials and manufactured articles, this is only possible through purchase and trade agreements.

All Latin American Nations must elaborate and sign a treaty to intelligently avoid ruinous and fratricidal competition among the fraternal peoples of Latin America.

The economic competition of the Latin American countries among themselves, only brings down the prices of raw materials, ruining, damaging all the Ibero-American brother countries.

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