The term FASCISM comes from the word FASCIO and has its origin in the LATIN term FASCIS whose meaning is BUNDLE or set, this reminds us of the BUNDLE of sticks with the axe, symbol of the Divinity, in the center.

In the Ancient Rome of the illustrious Caesars the ax represented the authority of the Lictors and the strength in unity.

We cannot affirm that Fascism really has a Doctrine. All the theories of FASCISM come from different philosophical doctrines and from different periods.

There is no true Unity, true intellectual bonds, true Logical congruence between all those theories of FASCISM.

FASCISM is only an opportunistic Movement without definite ideology of any kind.

The Incongruent FASCIST Doctrine was modeled from above, from the power, and for that reason it is totally Rightist and Extremist.

If we examine the Fascist ideas we will find in them the flavor of power, the taste of pride, of arrogance.

THE “I” wants power, command, dignities, hierarchies, money, lordship. The “I” wants the whole world to butter up to it, pay it vassalage and adoration, the “I” wants the whole world to announce it, applaud it, venerate it, etc.

FASCISM considers class inequality as beneficial, believes that only the “best”, that is, the most astute, the most cynical, the most proud, etc., have the right to Govern.

FASCISM is one hundred percent totalitarian, and only gives the right of command to its aristocratic, powerful, arrogant, astute elites.

FASCISM wants acts of Heroism and renunciation of comfort, but with a single purpose, the life of the EMPIRE.

THE “I” is very clever and the incense of prayer also hides the crime.

THE “I” dresses as a Saint and a Hero in FASCISM. It is curious, the Fascist Hero, he renounces comforts for the purpose of making an empire, with the purpose of being powerful, to grow, to receive vassalage and allegiance, this is great and even Divine, but it is clear that within all this hide inconfessable ends.

In the FASCIST system the individual does not have the least importance, for the FASCISM the important thing is the STATE. MUSSOLINI SAID: “THE STATE IS OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT and OMNISCIENT.”

The DUCE is the SUPREME CHIEF, a kind of Demi-god, the summum of every Hierarchy, the Synthesis of the Fatherland, the army, the Nation.

Each one of the Departments of the state organization corresponds in fact and in its own right to an organism of the Fascist Party, but the DUCE is almost GOD HIMSELF.

The main objective of Fascism in Italy was to resurrect the ROMAN EMPIRE. A tremendous reaction of the Italian people put an end to the life of DUCE MUSSOLINI, and then the structure of the party was meaningless, without mystique, and fell to the ground, converted into cosmic dust.

Mussolini, August member of the tenebrous Brotherhood, was nothing really but a fantastic dreamer who fascinated the crowds . Mussolini wanted to resurrect in the twentieth century, the ancient Roman Empire.

Mussolini’s Ambition, Greed, Pride and Arrogance had no limits, this is the PSYCHOLOGICAL “I”, and Mussolini’s “I” was, or better said IS because his memory continues, terribly monstrous.

Mussolini was an idol of clay that was struck down by the terrible thunderbolt of Cosmic Justice .

THE DUCE wanted to remove the insolent Caesars of the ancient times from their millenary tombs so that they might throw their thunderbolts and anathemas on this unfortunate world again, but the dead Caesars smiled at him from the bottom of the black grave with a horrible fatal grimace.

The Ambition of Mussolini’s PSYCHOLOGICAL “I” was to ressurect a vanished empire, and it fell not with the arrogant and even Olympic luxury of a wounded eagle among the blood-feast of a battlefield, not even as a majestic Condor of the Andes wounded to death by lightning. Mussolini fell into the mud like a pig and some amongst the crowds that kicked him without mercy exclaimed : “Mussolini: You have become a pig!”

Really the PSYCHOLOGICAL “I” with all its Pride, Arrogance, Ambition, Greed, Violence, etc.., etc., etc., is a filthy pig that wallows in the mud.

Unfortunately we have to recognize that it is very difficult to acquire the virtue of Humility, that virtue is a very exotic flower, it suffices to say, “I AM very humble”, to no longer be.

Only having the Courage to recognize the Shame of all our pride and our miserable nothingness, is how we can really come to possess that Exotic flower of Humility.

Pride comes to disguise itself with the robe of supreme humility, we have known Magistrates, Great intellectuals, Great Lords, dressing with a disconcerting humility, behaving with an amazing modesty, but when someone has challenged them intellectually, then they respond to the challenge with a astounding pride.

Pride likes to dress up sometimes with Aristippus’ old tunic, an old tunic full of holes, but pride enjoys peeping through those holes.

Pride has no basis, it is a statue without bases, each one of us has been created by Nature with a single purpose, to serve as a mechanical toy.

The Intellectual Animal called man, is a mechanical toy who unconsciously collects the cosmic forces that come from the infinite cosmos, and transforms them and passes to the preceding layers of the terrestrial organism, the earth needs those forces and man is the little machine that unconsciously collects and transforms them.

HUMANITY is an organ of NATURE, that’s all, so pride is foolish and absurd.

Nobody is more than anyone, all of us intellectual animals, we are miserable mechanical toys controlled by the PSYCHOLOGICAL “I”.

MUSSOLINI was an ambitious and proud fool, he wanted to resuscitate the Roman Empire through Cunning and Violence, he fell like a Pig among the mud.

The DUCE being dead, the structure of the party was meaningless without mystique, and it fell like a fulminated tower turned into cosmic dust.

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