The NAZI IDEOLOGY is closely related to the Fascist ideology, it seems as if NAZISM had taken it’s ideas from the FASCIST source, and then intelligently adapted and reworked them according to the psychological and historical conditions of the German people.

As a concrete example we have the case of the elites or select Fascist minorities that in Germany was replaced with the concept of Superior Races as the primary basis of the State.

HITLER in his book entitled “MEIN KAMPF”, says the following word for word: “The highest purpose of the State of the people is to attend to the preservation of those primary Racial elements that, in supplying culture, create the beauty and dignity of a superior humanity, we, as ARYANS, can conceive of the state only as the living organism of a nationality which not only assures the preservation of it’s nationality.…”

The POLITICS of blood and horror that he developed against the Semitic people was frightful and had as its base that mistaken concept.

However the doctrine of HITLER is not the Doctrine of the entire GERMAN PEOPLE . Really in Germany THERE IS a lot of COMPREHENSION and if they were cruel in the war, the NORTH AMERICANS OF THE UNITED STATES were worse.

Terrible things were seen on the battlefields, when the North Americans understood that they were powerless against the GERMAN courage, they then dedicated themselves to bombarding defenceless cities and killing the elderly, women and children.

The German soldiers were demoralized many times when they understood that their wives and children were being murdered miserably while they were fighting with the enemy in the BATTLEFIELD.

There is no doubt that avoiding the battlefield to commit murder of women and children is cowardice of the worst kind.

HITLER was a REFORMER in GERMANY, that country was filled with roads, railroads, etc.

HITLER ended poverty in GERMANY, and it is clear that the GERMAN people knew how to reciprocate by sacrificing themselves for him and his absurd plans.

Nowadays the GERMAN people want nothing to do with HITLER, really the German People is not the AUTHOR of the HITLERIAN PLANS.

THE GERMAN RACE is very intelligent and hardworking.

Is there cruelty in Germany? It is clear that there is, but there is cruelty not only in Germany. Cruelty exists within each individual in all countries of the earth.

The path of violence is not precisely the best way to solve all the economic and political problems of the world. Hitler chose the wrong path.

HITLER could have solved all the GERMAN problems based on wise negotiations but he preferred VIOLENCE and this does not solve anything.

If violence solved all the problems of the world, then Germany would have solved all its problems, plus Germany won nothing with the war, on the contrary it lost very much.

THE GERMAN PEOPLE are an intelligent and cultured people, a hardworking and suffering people that have been wrongly led by their leaders.


Every RACE consists of seven SUB-RACES. The German people is the FIFTH SUB-RACE of the ARYAN RACE and we the LATIN AMERICANS are the SIXTH SUB-RACE of the ARYAN RACE.

The error of HITLER was to believe that only the GERMAN people are ARYAN, it is necessary to know that all the races that populate the world are ARYANS except for the JEWS.

THE GERMAN SOCIALIST PARTY still exists in GERMANY but HITLER and his henchmen left in GERMANY a very painful memory.

While there exist within each individual the factors of cruelty, greed, ambition, etc., there will be wars in the world.

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